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Moon & Houdini
...And Fraudulent Psychics!


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Strange Moonie Psychics ~Whenever I think of the group of Moonie psychics that are well-known within the Unification Church, I am always reminded of Shakespeare's Macbeth and his brood of witches swarmed around the boiling caldron singing:

"Fair is foul and foul is fair,
Hover through the fog and filthy air!"

And like Macbeth, the witches are always available to advise and read our futures. Sure, Macbeth is only a play, but how it mimics reality too. Look no further than Alexander the Great, student of Aristotle, who before conquering the world, first visited the Oracle, the prophetess was there but she told Alexander that the Oracle was now closed, he would have to come back another time. He grabbed her by the throat, and demanded that she read his future: NOW! She told him "You are a God" and that was that. He left, clearly believing what she told him, and conquered most of the known world with his soldiers in the years that followed. Of course, he also died of an ailment while only in his early thirties. Hardly godlike. But so often, great men, or would-be great men are undone by their witches, by their own egos, or both. With Sun Myung Moon, it is both.

The Strange Case of Lady Doctor Kim

~Before recent times, the most famous among the Strange Moonie Psychics, was Lady Doctor Kim. Though Moon claims that he himself, has the clearest phone line to the Spirit World, think of it as the Sprint Hot line to God, I guess he likes to be extra-sure, so he employs a brood of witches.....errr....psychics all his own. They are well cared for, and dutifully serve Moon's needs. Predicting the future, reading palms and faces, or as in Lady Doctor Kim's case, performing special ceremonial rites like her "Ancestor Liberation Ceremony" where she prescribes certain conditions so that a member can be "free" of his satanic ancestors that pull them down spiritually from the other side.

Shin Wook Kim, who is known to Unification Church members as Lady Dr. Kim is truly an oddity. She early on became one of Moon's inner circle of priestesses, and served Moon in other ways as well. She was provided a suite in Moon's New Yorker Hotel close to Moon's so she could prepare special Korean food for him, and be available for her spiritual counseling when needed. Recently she was remembered (she is still alive) with an article in the Unification News by one of her devout Moonie admirers. Here is an excerpt:

Unification News - November 1999

Lady Dr. Kim: A Remembrance

Daniele Cohen
Seattle, WA
November, 1999

There she was, on hands and knees crawling under the tables, her objective T.P. (Ed: True Parent's, or Moon and his wife) empty banquet table. That was the first time I met Lady Dr. Kim. I got down on the floor with her and whispered, "what are you doing?" She said, "treasure hunt." I did not see her again until Barrytown, NY. I determined that I was going to befriend her. I followed her everywhere, finally she told me to stop following her. I told her I couldn’t, she was like a magnet to me. you should have seen the look on her face!


While crawling around on the floor under Moon's dinner table, hoping for trinkets Moon had left behind would seem strange enough, it gets MUCH stranger than that...

Urine Drinking Therapy?

By now, many of our visitors have learned that the Moonies drink a Holy Wine that is purported by Moon's leaders to contain Moon's literal, physical blood. But that is not the only nectar enjoyed by many Moonies. It was quite a few years ago, when Lady Dr. Kim became deathly ill. Apparently cancer. No one seemed to know what to do for her. She claims, that at this point she was led "spiritually" (of course) into a bookstore where she found herself staring at a book on Urine Therapy. Yes. Urine, as in pee-pee. Only, this book called it: The Water of Life. So Mrs. Kim began faithfully drinking her living water, her daily urine, and sure enough, she claimed it healed her. Well, that's all the Moonies needed to know. They followed her, and many more "Water of Life" drinkers were created.

Masturbation Therapy???

As if drinking urine weren't strange enough, Lady Dr. Kim had other therapies for her members' problems. As members, most of us had been warned about the evils of masturbation, but Lady Dr. Kim had a different take on the matter, particularly for the men. She was convinced that masturbation could be useful for satisfying the horrible sexual urges of Moon's followers. So, when members would go to her for one of her Ancestor Liberation Ceremonies, some of them would be taken aback when she also asked: "Can you satisfy yourself adequately through masturbation?" One member was especially concerned with her advice to him to "Masturbate while praying to God." I realize that many members (I was one) were unaware of Lady Dr. Kim's little sideline, but it has been confirmed by many, and I even found a transcript online, of a question/answer session she held on the topic of Homosexuality. Here is an excerpt:

Excerpt from an interview with Lady Dr. Kim:

Q: Are masturbation and homosexuality related in any way?

A: Masturbation and homosexuality are completely different. Homosexuality and other relationships have give and take with some other being or object. In the Western world, people usually have quite a bit of sexual experience at an early age. When we join the movement, we try to grow spiritually by cutting off from physical desires. But our bodies still produce certain hormones that effect our behavior. We are trying to maintain our bodies to use for God's service in our families later. Masturbation as an alternative to releasing such energy uncontrollably and/or to the detriment of others is certainly the lesser of problems. However, people who masturbate too much lose their physical energy and weaken the whole system. Over time, many health problems can occur. If this temptation is not overcome, it may cause physical and emotional problems in our marriage relationships. With masturbation one must use much discernment and an attitude to overcome it.


Sadly, Lady Dr. Kim recently has been reported to be suffering from Altzheimer's. Apparently Urine and Masturbation weren't enough for that one. But maybe she has some more creative "therapies" left to try, that are even stranger than the ones mentioned above?

The Strange Case of Dae Mo Nim
AKA: Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim

~Her real name is Hyo Nam Kim, but for the past several years she has been paraded around the Unification Church as Dae Mo Nim, the title given to Mrs. Moon's deceased mother. No, these people have no shame whatsoever, to the point that Rev. Moon would use his wife's dead mother and "resurrect" her through a walking donation-collector posing as a Medium and channel for the dead. This isn't the first of the Moon family to be brought back from the dead, see: Moon's African Son in this same section, and it won't be the last. One can only imagine who will "channel" Moon when the big cheese himself bites the dust. It will likely be some loyal Korean member, but wouldn't it be fun if it was Jim Neighbors (Gomer Pile) instead? "Well, Gollllllly, Hyo Jin, you know cocaine ain't principled, dontcha?"

The Trouble With...Evil Ancestors

In any event, after Mrs. Moon's mother died, Moon gave her the title Dae Mo Nim" which means something like "great mother". It wasn't long before Mrs. Kim was used as a new fundraising tool of for Moon, to go around and scare the daylights out of the members and demand donations so their evil ancestors could be liberated. (I know. You would think they would have gotten enough play out of Lady Dr. Kim who was doing the same thing, oh well...) But this time, the money-raising trick had a new twist. Recently the Moonies have become more buddy-buddy with $cientology, the cult of greed. And obviously the Moonies have learned some new tricks from their cult-cousins. Namely: Body Thetans.The Trouble With Tribbles...errr...Bad Ancestors? Nope, the Moonies don't call them that. It is a $cientology name, but the principle is similar. For $cientologists, they believe that people on Earth are possessed by the spirits of aliens. They call them Body Thetans, and they cling to you..."hey, get off of me!!", like the furry little "tribbles" of the famous Star Trek episode called "The Trouble With Tribbles". You can only get rid of these things through counseling, which costs lots of money! The Moonies adopted this idea and changed it a little. With the Moonies, it is not aliens you are possessed by, but your own dead and evil ancestors. Like little ants, Mrs. Kim (Dae Mo Nim) assures us, they circulate throughout your blood-stream and won't leave without going for a visit to Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Kim) and paying some money for a liberation ceremony. One of the funniest parts of this, is that Mrs. Kim claims she can see back seven generations of your ancestors into the spiritual world, but humorously, you have to provide her with a list of their names anyway!!! I guess she can see them all and liberate them all...just not name any of them! Some people never learn.

As an interesting side-note, there is a place in Korea called Chung Pyung Lake which the Moonies own, and they hold most of these special ancestor liberation ceremonies there, with Dae Mo-Money Nim charging money and donations for a 40-day workshop. Rev. Moon himself sometimes drops by to see how the workshops (money-makers) are going. On one occasion, unbeknownst to Moon, there was an American member there that spoke good Korean. He was disappointed to hear Moon ask Mrs. Kim how much money she had collected for them since his last visit. She responded with a high amount, to which Moon grinned happily and wickedly, and replied: "You are such a thief". This member reported this exchange to some friends, one of which has now left the cult, thankfully!

The Strange Case of The Buddha Lady

~In Moon's lust for psychics to tell him answers to the spiritual world, and the future, he is not limited in any way to church members. Moon has often sought answers from psychics who have never been members of the Unification Church.The Strange Case of The Buddha Lady It is rather odd for a man to claim to his members that he is the King of the Spritual World, that he has conversed with Buddha, Jesus, the Saints and even Satan, and yet still need to rely upon the advise of psychics, especially non-church members. In one of the most shocking examples, Moon actually depended upon the advise of a Korean Buddhist Fortune Teller in order to choose a wife for his eldest son Hyo Jin Moon. This is especially shocking in view of the many speeches where Moon claims that he himself is the greatest Match-Maker in history and that no one was more qualified than he was to choose someone's future spouse.Nansook Hong, Author: In The Shadow Of The Moons It appears that Moon is merely giving alot of hype to his loyal followers, the reality is something different. The reality is that Moon depends upon psychics to advise him in matters, even as serious as a choice of spouse for his eldest son, the heir apparent to the Moon empire. In her recent book: In The Shadow Of The Moons Nansook Hong (Moon), daughter-in-law of Sun Myung Moon, reveals how she saw chosen to be the child bride (15 years old) of Hyo Jin Moon, Moon's eldest son, and at that time, his heir-apparent:

Nansook Hong
In The Shadow Of The Moons
Chapter 3, Pg-70

I had never been to the Rev. Moon's private residence. It was an enormous house with an elaborate front gate that led to a large courtyard. A sister led me to an ornate dining room. My mother was already there. Three chairs were lined up on either side of the rectangular dining table. The Rev. Moon sat at the head; Mrs. Moon sat to his right. Beside her sat a woman I did not recognize. Next to her was Mrs. Young Whi Kim. My mother was seated opposite Mrs. Moon. My mother smiled and gestured for me to sit beside her. I kept my eyes downcast, focusing on the patterns of light and shadow cast by the large crystal chandelier on the white linen tablecloth.

My head remained bowed as the kitchen sisters served course after course of the dinner meal. I was too scared to eat the rice or soup or kimchi or seafood or meat. I moved the food around my plate and prayed no one would take notice of me.

It struck me that Mrs. Moon seemed to be in very good spirits. There was a lot of laughter, but I did not focus on the conversation until I suddenly realized they were talking about me. The woman at the table whom I had not recognized was staring at me. She was commenting on my forehead and the shape of my head. She was delighted that my hair had been pulled back for the performance at school. It gave her the opportunity to examine my ears more closely. I could feel my face flush as she cataloged the positive characteristics of my ears: earlobes that were long and fat, a shape that was well proportioned. All this meant longevity and good fortune.

I felt panic as my mother rose to clear her plate as the dinner gathering was breaking up. I followed her through the swinging doors into the kitchen, where the sisters laughed and smiled, obviously pleased by something more than my ears. On the way home, it was clear that my mother was pleased, too, by the day's events, but she offered no explanation for our visit to the Moon household. If she did not tell me, I knew it was not my place to ask.

The next day I was surprised when my mother sent me to a hairdresser to have my long straight black hair curled. I was even more confused to see that she had laid out her own blue suit for me to wear. It would make me look more grown up, she said. I returned with my parents to the Moon's house. This time a large crowd had assembled. All the leaders of the church were there. I seemed to be attracting a lot of attention. Everyone smiled at me. My mother's pretty suit, I thought. A photographer kepy taking my picture. There was a mountainous amount of food.

My parents and I were soon called into a room to meet privately with the Reverend and Mrs. Moon. My parents sat on floor pillows across from the Moons. I bowed and knelt before them on the floor. The Reverend Moon was speaking so softly, I could barely hear him. I kept my head bowed. As I knelt silently before him, the Reverend Moon asked my parents to please give their daughter to the True Family. My mother and father did not look at me when they said yes.

"So that's it," I thought. "I'm being matched." The Reverend Moon asked me no questions. He made no attempt to engage me in conversation, to determine what I was like. He already knew enough. The unfamiliar woman at dinner, it turned out, was a Buddhist spiritualist, a fortune-teller, who assured the Reverend Moon that I would make a perfect match for Hyo Jin. The woman whom I came to think of as the Buddha Lady was not a member of the Unification Church. It never occurred to me or my parents to ask why the Reverend Moon needed to consult a Buddhist fortue-teller for advice if he was the Lord of the Second Advent, in regular, direct communication with God.

Did I want to be matched to his son, Hyo Jin, Father asked. I did not hesitate. This was ever Unification girl's dream, to be matched to a member of the True Family. To be Hyo Jin Moon's wife meant I would one day be the Mother of the church. I felt humbled and honored. That Hyo Jin himself was no girl's idea of prince charming did not even occur to me. A Blessing was the uniting of two souls, not just the union of two human beings. God would turn Hyo Jin toward a righteous path, and the Reverend Moon had chosen me as an instrument of that mission. "Yes, Father," I said, lifting my eyes to meet his. "She's prettier than Mother," he said. I pretended not to hear, but I could not help wondering what Mrs. Moon was thinking. I dared not steal a glance at her face.

Nansook describes in her book the physical torture and abuse she endured at the hands of Moon's eldest son. He would hold guns against her face and threaten to kill her, he beat her senseless and punched her pregnant stomach and as blood poured from her face he threatened to kill her unborn son in her womb, and he then took his finger and wiped some of the blood from her face and licked it from his hand saying: "Tastes good". Needless to say, her life was filled with terror, and she eventually fled the Moon mansion. The elder Moons were aware of the abuse their son was inflicting, aware of his adulteries and his cocaine addiction, yet they did almost nothing to help her. Finally, at one point, Hyo Jin declared he didn't like his new wife Nansook, and that he was in love with a girlfriend he had in Korea. He then payed for her airfare to America and an apartment in Manhattan and Hyo Jin said he was leaving Nansook and going to live with this other girl. Mrs. Moon quieted the brewing trouble by secretly meeting with Hyo Jin's mistress and handing her a bag full of cash, demanding that she take the money and go to California, clear on the other coast which was about as far away as she could be placed in the continental United States. Obviously the amount of money was high enough that she took it and did as instructed. Mrs. Moon had paid-off Hyo Jin's lover, but that didn't solve the problem completely. Hyo Jin was furious. In desperation, Mrs. Moon summoned the Buddha Lady, the fortune-teller once again to know Hyo Jin's and Nansook's futures. Nansook describes the meeting this way:

Nansook Hong
In The Shadow Of The Moons Chapter 5, Pg-110

One morning soon after Hyo Jin's return, I came to greet True Parents at their breakfast table. I was surprised to see that they had been joined by the Buddha Lady, the Buddhist fortune-teller who had blessed my match to Hyo Jin the previous fall in Seoul. Mrs. Moon urged her to tell us what the future held for Hyo Jin and me. "Nansook is a winged white horse. Hyo Jin is a tiger. This is a good match," she said. "Nansook will have a difficult time in life but her fortune is very good. Hyo Jin's fortune is tied to hers. He can be great only if he sits on Nansook's back and together they fly."

Mrs. Moon was so pleased by the Buddha Lady's optimistic forecast that she went out and bought me a diamond-and-emerald ring -- The fortune-teller had told her that green was my lucky color. A few days later the Buddha Lady came to see me secretly at Cottage House. "Please remember me when you are a very powerful woman," she said. "Remember the good fortune I saw ahead for you."

What lay ahead for me was nothing like what the Buddha Lady foresaw. Hyo Jin was furious that his parents had interferred in his love life, but he was also a realist. He was in no position to follow his lover to California. He had no money, no job, no high school diploma, no means of support besides his parents. In the end, Hyo Jin was all talk. True love paled next to the prospect of being cut off from Father's money.

Hyo Jin and this girlfriend would continue to correspond for years. He often left her love letters out in the open for me to find. When Hyo Jin learned that she had moved in with a new lover in Los Angeles in 1984, he was so distraught that he shaved his head.

You would think that all this would be more than enough to show what a lie the Moon's supposed connections to the Spirit World is, but it won't be. The blindly loyal that refuse to think for themselves will continue to believe, no matter how bad it becomes, how obvious the contradictions.

Calling The Spirit World?~And Moon's kingship of the spirit world marches on. There is a small cadre of followers that Moon has been financing for many years now, to invent a certain machine for him. What is it? A Spirit World Machine, a device that can be used to contact the deceased in the spiritual world. What happened? Can't Moon do this any longer? Can't it be taught to his followers? Apparently not. Talk about the long distance charges! Some people will never learn.





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