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collis h's internet websites links of interest

[General Resouces: Interfaith, exploring, caring, comparing]
[Career Success and life coaches and success websites]
[Identity, respect,confidence and self-compassion]
[Positive Psychology]
[Religious Internet radio stations]
[Seekers and spiritual centers]
[Writings and texts: Sacred, religious poetry, Vivekananada]
[Reference: Anthropology, Biology, History of Economic Thought, Philosophy, mythology]
[Ethics, ethical dilemmas, koans, parodoxes, and thought experiments]
[Sustainable and alternatve sociopoliticaleconomics and the quest for peace links]
[About Collis Beliefs: New Thought and Vedanta pages in Philosophy, and Religion]


In General

*[infinitesmile.org/:] Blog; Awake in This Life a guide for those climbing the Mountain of Spirit

*[Comparative-religion.com:] Interfaith: Comparative analysis, articles, religious study, and spiritual reading.

*[Care2.com:] The largest online community of people passionate about making a difference

*[Council on Spiritual Practices.org:] Dedicated to making direct experience of the sacred more available to more people.

*[Experience festival.com:] Global Oneness Commitment co-creating a happy world.

*[Explorefaith.org:] Simply sharing beliefs and experiences in a Christian way.

*[Fellowship In Prayer:] Publishes Sacred Journey

*[Hidden meanings.com:] Finding Things Contrary to Tradition That You Know Are True.

*[Intent.com:] Share dreams, inspire others and find support

*[I hanuman.com:] YOGA: AYURVEDA, SANSKRIPT, philosophy, meditation, THAI YOGA, YOGA therapy online.

*[Intent.com:] Share dreams, inspire others and find support

*[Ions.org:] Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)

*[Inter faith alliance.org:] Protecting Faith and Freedom

*[International interfaith.org:] An International interfaith center

*[Religionfacts.com:] Just the facts on the world's religions and topics of religious interest

*[New Civilization Network:] A big site linking the people who change the world.

*[One little angel.com:] A comparative religion website

* [One spirit project.com:] Personal growth, empowerment, and spiritual enlightenment, through contemplation and discussion

*[Pantheism.net:] Exploring pantheism

*[Religious Worlds:] Many links to information for religion, religions, religious studies.

*[Religious tolerance.org:] Religious freedom, tolerance, and diversity as positive cultural values.

*[Spirit and Sky:] A Portal to aid and enhance your spiritual education

*[Spiritual Inquiry.com:] Inquiry Spirituality and Self-Improvement

*[Spiritualityandpractice.com:] A huge website dealing with spirituality and practice

*[Spiritualteachers.org:] Ratings of spiritual teachers, guidelines for choosing a teacher, reviews of spiritual movies and books, discussion boards, and links to other spiritual sites.

*[Spiritualsoul.org:] Provides resources to assist individuals on their spiritual path

*[conscious media network.com:] Video interviews on consciousness, enlightenment and human potential from the practical to the mystical. This site has a long links page.

*[Topazzz5.tripod.com:] Wisdom Of The East Hinduism(Sanatan Dharma)

* [ United Communities Of Spirt:] Spiritual transformation of global culture through cooperation bringing together the highest insights of all religions and coordinating the participation of people. Has comparisons of religious texts.


Career Success and life Coaches and success websites2

*[Cheryl Richardson.com:]

*[Leslie Fieger:]

*[Empower you.com:] Laurence G. Boldt career website

*[Great day.com:] The Daily Motivator

*[Hendricks.com:] Hendricks Institute Resources for conscious living.

* [Inspiration line:] The meaningful life magazine

* [Job hunters bible.com:] The What Color Is Your Parachute? website.

*[Martha Beck.com:] Martha Beck Life Coaches

* [Mindtools.com:] Online management, leadership and career training, right here, right now

*[Deborah Barnett, Ph.D.:] manifesting well being

*[Myss.com:] Caroline Myss

*[Self growth .com:] The online self improvement Encyclopedia

*[secretchanges:] For your personal growth and emotional health

*[Soul of money.org:] Lynne Twist's The Soul of Money Institute

*[Remez Sasson:] Success Consciousness.com

*[Rick jarow.com:] Rick Jarow

*[Personal development website:] trans 4 mind


Identity, respect, confidence and self-compassion

*[Compassionateway.com:] Existential psychotherapy and stress reduction meditation


*[stanford.edu/entries/identity-personal:] Personal identity

*[Philpapers.org:] Psychological theories of personal identity:p,survival, Persons,the self,Physical,animalist,split brains,multiple personality,Functionalism,Perdurance

*[Selfesteem2go.com:] Self-esteem building website-tips, affirmations, articles, exercises

*[Self-compassion.org:] Self-concept development, and self-compassion.


Positive psychology

*[Authentic happiness:] Dr. Martin Seligman's Martin founder of Positive Psychology

*[Butterbeehappy.com:] blog

*[Center for confidence:] Positive psychology resources

*[Happiness-project:] Insights to help you create your own happiness

*[mental health news:] News regarding depression, anxiety, panic, stress, workplace health, psychology, positive psychology and much more. .

*[Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Lab:] Study positive emotions

*[Positive psychology at work blog:] Applying positive psychology to therapy, coaching, education, health

*[Positive psychology news:] Latest news about happiness, the science of happiness, and positive psychology.

*[Positive psychology center:] Research, training, education, and the dissemination of Positive Psychology.

*[Pursuit of happiness:] happiness is understandable, obtainable and teachable.


Religious internet radio stations

*[Contact talk radio.com: Bellevue WA Online Radio:] Spiritual, Psychic, Holistic Personal Development and Transformation

*[lamrim.com/:] Tibetan Buddhist Internet radio

*[Mind mastery radio.com:] New thought music and talk radio- Good Vibes

*[News for the soul.com:] Reporting from the leading edge of humanity evolution

*[One vibration radio.org:] New thought music- music that soothes

*[Positive music association.com:] New thought music - music to improve the quality of people's lives

*[Unity.fm internet radio:] Look for PosiPalooza Music that matters with Richard Mekdeci on unity.fm

*[World puja.org:] New thought - Where The World Meets For Peace


Seekers and centers

*[101 Zen Stories:] Zen Buddism

*[You are Dreaming:] Blog and spirtual teachers list

*[Advaita Academy :] Nondualism, contemporary thought and traditional thought

*[Awakening To The Dream:] books and nonduality

*[Athens/Acropolis reocities.com:] Saints Clement of Alexandria and Maximus the Confessor Home Page. Check out the religious philosophy for some religious texts

*[Advaita Fellowship:] Advaita - Ram Tzu,Wayne Liquorman,Ramesh Balsekar,Nisargadatta Maharaj,Ramana Maharshi, Wei Wu Wei and seekers corner

*[Bahai.org:] Bahai International Community

*[ bare foot and upside down:] Hatha Yoga

*[Beliefnet.com:] Inspiration, spirituality, and faith

*[Centertao.org:] Center for Taoist Thought and Fellowship

*[Cloudwater.org:] The Zen center of Cleveland, Ohio home of the Nien-Fo Ch'an order

*[earthevolution.blogspot] blog

*[Earthlight.org:] Exploring; celebrating eco-spirituality


*[Heartlanduu.org:] Heartland District - with links to Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio congregations - of the Unitarian Universalist Association at Indianapolis, IN.

*[hinduwebsite.com:] create right awareness and right attitude towards Hinduism and contribute in whatever little way we can towards harmony and feelings of brotherhood amongst the diverse groups of this world.

*[intuitive-connections.net:] intuition Magazine for the intuitive learn community online

*[It is not real.com: ] The Spiritual Teachings of Edward (Edji) Muzika

*[thoughtsfromjac.blogspot.com:] A Jackie O Keeffe Blog

*[jackieokeeffe.com:] Jackie O Keeffe website

*[You Tube: Life without a center:] Non duality; Advaita

*[Light-mission.org:] Portal to Awakening - Website that says alot about letting go of the ego for Spirtual enlightenment.

*[Lightconnection.org:] Information is shared, understanding found, and creating pathway to spiritual connections.

*[Mayavidhya.com:] Explore truth and change your reality to happiness!

*[Meditation center.com:] Meditation instruction to people anywhere on the planet.

*[Meditation society.com:] Official website of the Meditation Society of America.

*[Mindfulness bell.org:] A journal of the art of mindful living.

*[Mt source.org:] Amercan zen buddhism: Mountain Source Sangha Web Site

*[Mysticriveryoga.com:] Mystic River Yoga: a center for personal and planetary awakening

*[Newthought.org:] To foster growth of New Thought communities that encourage the consciousness of service, spiritual growth and integrity.

*[New thought movement on line:] A new thought web directory

*[pathworklectures.com:] A pick a topic tool to find psychological and spiritual nourishment

*[Plum Village:] [Thich Nhat Hanh Buddhist Monastery]

*[Shindharmanet.com:] Shin Buddhist tradition and Pure Land Buddhism

*[Sivananda.org:] Teachings of the International Sivananda YOGA Vedanta Centers - Hindu thought

*[Sky site.org:] Skywiz1's Essay Collection - A personal journey

*[Chennaimath Sri Ramakrishna Math in India:]

*[The tai chi site.com:] Over 400 annotated links,Question; Answer Message Board, Tai Chi Search Engine

*[Theosophical.org:] in America

*[think unity:] Christian Mysticism

*[Torah.org:] Jewish educational material

*[Uua.org:] Unitarian Universalism

*[Uua.org spirituallife/worshipweb:] Unitarian Universalism Occasions, Ceremonies and Rituals,Chalice Lightings, Closings,Complete Services, Meditations and Prayers, Openings,Readings, Sermons, Wayside Quotations

*[ The Urban Guru Magazine :] Speakers on nonduality

*[Unity world hq.org:] UNITY Headquarters ( New Thought ) : the closest spiritual philosophy to a Christian Vedanta that collis likes and that collis has found.

*[Vedanta.com:] Vedanta Books; and so on, and on.

*[Vedantastl.org:] Sri Ramakrishna Vedanta information-Vedanta center of Saint Louis, MO USA

*[Vedanta.org:] Vedanta Society of Southern California

*[Wisdoms Goldenrod .org:] Center for Philosophic Studies - Mark Scorelle, Anthony Damiani, Paul Brunton ....

* [Yogananda-srf.org:] About Self Realization Fellowship

*[yogashakti.org:] Essence of yoga, spirituality and meditation




*[Anadi:] Anadi is rooted in the self-knowledge, soul-remembrance and the art of meditation.

*[Anmol Mehta:] Mastery of yoga, meditation and zen and devoted to Helping You Reach Your Highest Potential

*[Avery Solomon:]

*[Brother Lawrence's:] PRACTICE GOD'S PRESENCE

*[Burt Harding Weblinks:]

*[Bob Adamson:]

*[Cheri Huber.com:]

*[ Deepak Chopra:]

*[Swami Chinmayananda 1916-1993:]

*[consciousnessproject.org:] Online community of spiritual students of Dr. David R. Hawkin work

*[Dlshq.org:] YOGA; teachings of Swami Sivananda of the Divine Life Society - Hindu thought

*[compassionate way:] Counseling and Psychotherapy and Meditation

*[Dorothy Hunt:]

*[Douglas Harding:]

*[Gopi Krishna:]

*[Jackie Okeeffe:]

*[Jagadguruchrisbutler.org:] Ancient Vedic Vaishnavism. Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda says that he is the founder of the Science of Identity

*[John Greven:] http://www.jackieokeeffe.com/index.html

*[Joan Tollifson:] Non-duality, Zen, Advaita, Enlightenment, Awakening p>*[message from masters]

*[Neale Donald Walsch :] Author Conversations with God

*[Paul Brunton.org:]

*[The Open door way:] Peter Brown

*[Ken Cohen Qigonghealing.com:]


*[Ramesh S. Balsekar:]

*[ Richard Moss:]

*[Richard Rose 1917-2005:]

*[Richard Sylvester:]

*[Robert Adams:] For compassionate Living

*[Robert Chuckrow, Ph.D:] Tai Chi Arts and Sciences

*[Robert Fulghum:] Author of: All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten

*[Rupert Spira:] Non Duality Contemplation

*[satsangteachers.com:] This site has many teachers weblinks.

*[Scott Kiloby:]

*[Sri Aurobindo:]

*[spiritual teachers .org:] Ratings of spiritual teachers, guidelines for choosing a teacher, reviews of spiritual movies and books, discussion boards, and links to other spiritual sites.

*[Stuart Schwartz :]

*[Sri Ramana Maharshi- Arunachala:]

*[Tai chi health.com:] Tricia Yu teaches Cheng Man Ch'ing Lineage Yang Style Tai Chi - This is the style collis likes.

*[ Tome Stine: ]

*[ Wide awake living weblinks: ]

*[William C Chen.com:] A live-in student of the famous Great-Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ching

*[ Yogeesh Ashram : ]

*[ Paul Hedderman: ]

*[Zendoctor.com:] ANDREW SHUGYO DAIJO BONNICI, PH.D Bodymind teachings on applied meditation therapy


Writings and texts

*[advaitin.net:] Dedicated to Bhagavadpada Jagadguru Adi Sankaracharya (788-820 A.D.)

*[A Course In Miracles :] Online Searchable Urtext Version

*[ebooks adelaide edu.au:] The University of Adelaide E-books

*[E-book.com.au:] One of the largest e-book; e-libraries directories on the internet

*[Forbidden Archeology :] Michael Cremo's Website

*[Christian Classics Ethereal Library.org:] This link starts on the index subject page.

*[Christian Classics Ethereal Library.org:] Subject Mysticism

*[Classics.mit.edu/index.html:] Bringing the wisdom of the classics to the Internet since 1994 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

*[Daily word.com:] Unity's word for today

*[Edepot.com:] The DHaMMAPADA ; Buddhist moralism: Dhammapada translation translated by J. Richards links on the bottom of this other sites buddhist texts links

*[epistemelinks.com:] Links to philosophy and philosophy texts.

*[textlibrary.com:] The Dhammapada Translated from Pali by F. Max Muller

*[Garden digest.com:] Zen Zen, Taoism, Buddhism, Druidry, Gardening, Neo-Paganism, Taijiquan, Tantra, Yoga and Nature Mysticism- Another large website.

*[gnosis.org:]The Gnosis Archive: Resources on Gnosticism and gnostic tradition.

*[George Berkely:] English Philosopher's HYLAS AND PHILONOUS at Gutenberg.org

*[http://hermetic.com/:] Useful for esoteric studies and the modern Western tradition.


*[Luminarium.org:] Anthology of English Literature.

*[Paul Brunton's Notebooks online:]


*[The Manly P. Hall Archive:] Palmer Hall Media Archive and Memorial

*[New thought library.com:] Writings of new thought authors

*[ upenn.edu online books:] http://digital.library.upenn.edu/books

*[plato-dialogues.org:] A plato website

*[Plotinus The Six Enneads:] Neoplatonism

*[Poet seers.org:] Spiritual and illumining poetry

*[Public Literature.org/:] Public literature

*[Quotable Emerson.com:] Ralph Waldo Emerson website

* [ Ramakrishnavivekananda.info:] Complete works of Swami Vivekananada

*[Religion news.com:] Unbiased news coverage of religion and ethics.

*[Robert Priddy:] Robert Priddy - essays, debate, writings

*[The Rudolf Steiner Archive:]

*[The Seattle Metaphysical Library:]


* [field:] Guide to the Philosophy of Mind

*[Theosociety.org:] THEOSOPHICAL University Press Online-of interest website


* [Swedenborg Encyclopedia of Theistic Psychology:]

*[The Spherical Standing Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) in Space:] the Wave Structure of Matter

*[UN-documents.net:] UN Documents Cooperation Circles Gathering a Body of Global Agreements

*[Uuworld.org:] Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations Liberal religion and life magazine at Boston MA

*[Unpublished writings of Immanuel Velikovsky :]

*[Cooperation with the World Wide Web Virtual Library:]Virtual Library

*[Voice for truth.com:] Philosopher, mystic and poet collection tour website

*[Vedanta Spiritual Library:]

*[WisdomPortal.com:] Books, art, poetry, stories

*[worldprayers.org:] Gathering the great prayers from all spiritual traditions around the world into a unified nonprofit archive; for the purpose of inspiration, study and cross cultural appreciation.

*[Avesta -- Zoroastrian Archives:] writings and texts of Zoroastrianism Books, art, poetry, stories



* [academicinfo.net/Religion:] Directory of Online Resources for the Academic Study of Religion

*[All-about-psychology.com] All about psychology

* [Alleydog.com:] The psychology student's best friend- Browse Word of the Day, Grad School Search, Links, Journals,Fast Facts,More

*[Anthropology:] At Behavioral Sciences Department, Palomar College, San Marcos, California

*[Archive for the History of Economic Thought at McMaster University, Canada

*[biology-online.org] Answers to all your Biology Questions

*[Buddha101.com:] The History,Philosophy and Practice of Buddhism

*[Changingminds.org:] All aspects of how we change what others think, believe, do and feel.

*[Consc.net/online:] 5292 free online papers on CONSCIOUSNESS in philosophy and in science

*[Cultural_Anthropology:] Utah State University Cultural_Anthropology

*[Econlib.org:] Economics and Liberty Resource:economics, markets, and liberty

*[Encyclopedia of Hinduism]

*[Iep.utm.edu] The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

*[Ask henry.com] Search engine on politics, reform, social justice, tax issues and the environment

*[Medical Dictionary Online:] Medical dictionary search engine

*[Meta-Encyclopedia of Philosophy:] Compare topics in the most important Encyclopedias and Dictionaries of Philosophy on the Internet.

*[One look.com] Dictionary search

*[Philosophy of religion.info:] PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION information website

*[Pantheon.org:] mythica:internet encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and religion

*[psychology.wikia.com:] A resource for psychologists

*[psychclassics.yorku.ca:] Classics in psychology.

*[Richard H. Robbins:] Department of Anthropology SUNY at Plattsburgh Plattsburgh, NY

*[Unexplained stuff.com:] Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained

*[Vlib.org:] Virtual Library Social and Behavioural Sciences

*[Wiley InterScience; interscience.wiley.com] is a leading international resource for scientific, technical, medical and scholarly content.

* [ Yahoo directory] on mysticism


Ethics, ethical dilemmas, koans, parodoxes and thought experiments

*[101 zen stories.com:]

*[Answers.com/topic/thought-experiment:] Thought Experiments answers.com

*[Brainden.com:] Famous paradoxes

*[collegevalues.org:] Information and scholarship on character in college.

*[Ibiblio.org/zen:] A random koan

*[Csun.edu/~dgw61315/fallacies:] Logical fallacies

*[Koan Study:] The World-Wide Web Virtual Library

*[ashidakim.com :] Zen Koans

*[Dharmanet.org's:] Zen koans directory

*[Ethics.org.au:] St James Ethics Centre, Neutral Bay Sydney, Australia

*[ Ethics.org.au: St James Ethics Centre, Neutral Bay Sydney, Australia:] Ethical dilemma of the month

*[Ethics.sandiego.edu at university of San Diego:] Dedicated to promoting the thoughtful discussion of difficult moral issues

*[Ethically speaking.org:] Deni Elliott on PBS radio

*[Globalethics.org:] Promote ethical behavior for everyone

*[Humanity quest.com:] Exploration of human spirits, values, attitudes, principles and emotions.

*[Goodcharacter.com:] Monthly ethical dilemma

*[Olive Gallagher's the inner bottomline.com:] collis finds her friendly ethical archives interesting.

*[Philpapers.org meta:] Meta-ethics:moral judgment, moral naturalism and non-naturalism, moral realism and irrealism, moral epistemology, moral language, moral normativity, moral reasoning and motivation, moral responsibility, moral value, practical reason

*[Philpapers.org normative:] Normative-ethics:consequentialism,deontological,virtue ethics,anti-theory,egoism,contractualism,pluralism,moral value,moral luck,obligation,promises,supererogation,moral psychology

*[Quose.com:] Moral Dilemma Database: You can ask moral dilemma questions and respond to questions posed by other members.

*[Tellmehowto.net/philosophy/thought_experiments:] Thought Experiments

*[wisdomcommons.org:] Exploring, elevating, celerbrating our shared moral core and universal ethics.


Sustainable, alternatve sociopoliticaleconomics and the quest for peace links

*[AHIMSA Berkeley:] Encourages dialogues on issues which bridge spirituality and various science and social issues

*[Americans for religious liberty:] Supports the constitutional principle of separation of church and state

*[Beyond intractability.org: ] A Free Knowledge Base on More Constructive Approaches to Destructive Conflict

*[Biblical agrarianism.com:] Agrarianism

*[Buddhanet.net:] BUDDHIST ECONOMICS A Middle Way for the market place by Ven. P. A. Payutto

*[Buddhist-economics.info:] BUDDHIST ECONOMICS Research: They need papers

*[E. F. Schumacher's Buddhist-economics]

*[Cohousingpartners.com:] A COHOUSING website

*[Co-intelligence.org:] Promotes a awareness of a shared, integrated form of intelligence that we find everywhere and the ways to increase it.

*[Green America.org:] Consumer; invester power for social change

*[Connexions.org:] Works to connect people working for social change with each other, with information and ideas, and with the wider community.

*[Culverwaycohousing.com:] Co-housing

*[Culture of Peace News Network] Interactive Internet sites where readers exchange information about events, experiences, books, music, and web news that promote a culture of peace.

*[Ecoeco.org:] International Society for Ecological Economics

*[Earth charter in action.org:] Values and principles for a sustainable future.

*[Equal exchange.coop:] Fairly traded coffee, tea, chocolate, and snacks

* [Environmental Economics Research:] Economics,new institutional economics,public choice theory, forest, and Environment

*[Future positive.syn earth.net:] Future Positive-More positive economic theory

*[Green Planet Foundation:] A Green resource center

*[Gaian economics.org:] Gaian Economics Homepage

*[Global system change.com:] Brings Articles about the need for system change

*[Ied.info:] The Institute for Economic Democracy: Sustainable Development

*[Inspired Economist.com:] Highlights the individuals and companies applying passion and innovation to economic, social, and environmental challenges

*[Interspirit.net:] Interfaith network, and community

*[living routes.org:] Study abroad in Ecovillages

*[motto citizens:] Wolf Richards

*[New dream.org:] Helps Americans consume responsibly and promote social justice

* [New economics institute.org:] Decentralism and exploring the viability of ecologically, economically, and socially responsible societies

*[Noble world.org:] Promoting inner transformation for a better world.

*[Otmamto.com:] Portal of Ecologically Sustainable and Renewable Energy Technology

*[On the Commons.org:] Exploring ideas and action about the commons - common property for all?

*[Panarchy.org:] What is Mutualism?

*[POLITICAL ECONOMY Research Institute:] University of Massachusetts Amherst

*[Reinventingmoney.com:] Ideas on monetary and non-monetary exchange

*[Simple Living Forums:] Simple Living Forums hosted by New Road Map Foundation

*[Slow food.com:] Defends food biodiversity, taste education and connect producers of excellent foods with co-producers through events and initiatives.

*[Support4change.com:] Created in the belief that one website can help make a difference in this crazy world

*[Sustainable Resource Development At University of California, Berkeley Center

*[Technocracy.ca:] What is Technocracy?

*[Technocracy.org:] Energy as money?

*[Temple Of Understanding:] Cultural and interfaith education

*[The great turning.net:] David C. Korten Inspired project: The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community

*[The Buckminster Fuller Institute:] Positively plenty economics

*[Think Change India:] Tracking Social Innovation and Social entrepreneurship in India

*[Ussee.org:] United States Society for Ecological Economics

*[[Zen-occidental.net:] De David R. Loy: Buddhist socio-economics; Go down to his links

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