Genealogy in Colledimacine

The following information has been gathered from my personal experience.  Any comments or updates are always welcomed.

Local Church Records: The pastor of Colledimacine has assured me that all local church records before 1945 were destroyed during World War II.  Starting in 1917, the diocese archive is required by church law to have duplicate record of the parish. The head of the diocese for Colledimacine is in Lanciano. Furthermore, the diocese archive is a repository of defunct parishes, of which there were 3. I have been unable to verifty if these records exist, or if they are open to the public.  

Commune di Colledimacine: The town hall of Colledimacine holds the following records on file:
Births: 1867, 1881, 1882, 1891, 1910-1939, 1943-present
Deaths: 1943-present
Marriages: 1921, 1926, 1944-present
Town Censuses: 1931, 1936 and others to present.  Town censuses list name, date of birth, address, foreign address (if applicable), parents' names etc...

Archivo Dello Stato Civile: When Napoleon Bonaparte became king of Italy in 1806, he decreed that all births, marriages and deaths be registered with civil authorities troughout the country. The Registri dello Stato Civile for Colledimacine is kept in the Archivo di Stato in Chieti. For the years from 1809-1865, it has been microfilmed by the LDS (  The Registri dello Stato Civile include births, marriages, deaths, and some miscellaneous records.  Volumes for the year of 1852 are missing.  There are 13 microfilm rolls in total.  It is a (VERY long term) goal of mine to transcribe this information and make it available online. Volumes for the years 1866-1899 are also located in the State Archive of Chieti, but have not been microfilmed. I have transcribed the following indexes from the Archive:

Records before 1809: Colledimacine was a feudal holding under several individuals.  There were no government mandated civil registries. Church registries were taken, but I can find no evidence that they still exist. The Catasti Onciario, or royal census, was taken in Colledimacine at periodic intervals from 1731 to 1805. It is an extensive inventory of residents, their livestock and their landholdings. The Catasti are located in the State Archive of Chieti. I have obtained a copy of the Catasti Onciari for 1771, and the Catasti for 1806, which I will soon make available online.

Online Records: Tony Carfang created and manages the Lettopalena project at
. His time and research have led to the creation of a large genealogical database for the residents of Lettopalena.  There are a significant number of people from Colledimacine in his database, as inter-town marriages have always been popular.

Comments on Genealogy in Italy:

If you are pursuing your family roots and wish to contact authorities in Italy, any genealogist would advise you to be as polite as possible.  Civil servants and clergy are employed to administer to today's current issues and living people, and may not have time to help genealogical hobbyists.  Also consult general guidelines for genealogical research in Italy at and
for help.


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