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Can you tell me more about the shows music?

Unlike Films and TV of today the A-Team had music that was specifically written for the series by Grammy/Emmy award-winning composer Mike Post (born Leland Michael Postil on 29th Sept 1944) and his partner American jazz trombonist and musical arranger, Pete Carpenter (born Peter Clarence Carpenter (1st April 1914 - 18 October 1987), with the music being conducted by Daniel Cane.

Their collaboration began in 1968 and lasted until Carpenter's death. The two saw some success when they wrote the theme for Stephen J. Cannell's first show, the police detective drama Toma in 1973. But their big breakthrough was the top 10 Billboard hit and Grammy Award-winning theme for Cannell's private detective drama The Rockford Files in 1974, starring James Garner.

They then went on to score over 1800 hours of television, and compose the music for television shows like CHiPs (1977), Magnum, P.I. (1980), Tenspeed and Brown Shoe (1980), Hardcastle and McCormick (1983), Riptide (1984), Hunter (1984), Stingray (1985), as well as films like Vanishing Point (1971), Rabbit Test (1978), and Will: G. Gordon Liddy (1982). In addition to their 1975 Grammy for Best Instrumental Arrangement for Rockford, for Hunter the duo won a Broadcast Music Incorporated TV Music Award in 1989.

The theme for the A-Team and The Rockford Files have also made appearances on other television programs and films, including the pilot for David Chase's hit show on HBO, The Sopranos (1999), and the films Not Another Teen Movie (2001), Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (2003), Napoleon Dynamite (2004) and Miracle (2004).

A 15 track soundtrack CD of the music that they produced for the 1st Season comprising of, Theme from The A-Team, Young Hannibal, B.A.'s Ride, The A-Team in New York City, Bandits!, Taxi Chase, The A-Team Escape, The A-Team Prepare for War, Showtime, Move, Sucker, Let's Get Busted, Murdock's 'Face', Helicopters, More Bandits and Theme from The A-Team is available to buy on Silva Screen Records (SILVAD 3509) for more information on this product please click here.

Additionally here is a list of chart music that was either sampled or referenced during the shows five year run, with the exception of "The Witch Doctor" all where used uncredited.

S01E01 - Mexican Slayride (Pt. 1)
Jumpin' Jack Flash (1968) (Removed form the episode on the R1 release of Season 1)
- Performed by The Rolling Stones (Decca, F.12782)

S01E08 - The Out-Of-Towners
Manhattan (1957) (sung by Murdock)
- Performed by Ella Fitzgerald (Verve Records, 2009 017)

S01E09 - Holiday In The Hills
You Are My Sunshine (1940) (sung by Hannibal & Face)
- Performed by Jimmie Davis

S02E01 - Diamonds 'n' Dust
Hey Jude (1968) (mentioned by Murdock)
- Performed by The Beatles (Parlophone Records, DP 570)

S02E05 - When You Comin' Back, Range Rider? (Pt. 1)
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (1979)
- Performed by Willie Nelson (Columbia, 1-11186)

S02E11 - Steel
Roxanne (1978)
- Performed by The Police (A & M Records (UK), AMS 7348)

S02E12 - The White Ballot
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (1966)
- Performed by Enrico Morricone (Dagored, RED130LP)

S02E16 - Say It with Bullets
The Sounds of War (Lion Records, 467390)
- Record played when Decker shots up the guest house at the army base.

S02E23 - Curtain Call
Opposites Attract (198?)
- Performed by Joey Scarbury (written by Stephen Geyer)

S03E01 - Bullets & Bikinis
Surfing U.S.A (1963)
- Performed by Beach Boys, The (Capitol Records, SM-1890)

S03E03 - The Ben In The River (Part 1)
The Witch Doctor (1958)
- Performed by Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. (Liberty Records, 55132)

S03E05 - Timber!
Lumberjack Song (1969)
- Performed by Monty Python Sings (Virin Records, MONT D1)

S03E07 - Trouble On Wheels
Trouble On Wheels (1981)
- Performed by Joey Scarbury (Greatest American Hero, Elektra, E-47147)

S03E10 - Sheriffs Of Rivertown
The Heart Of Rock & Roll (1984) (Playing on Jukebox)
- Performed by Huey Lewis & The News (Chrysalis, VS4 42782)
Brass In Pocket (1979) (Playing on Jukebox)
- Performed by Pretenders, The (Real Records, ARE 11)

S03E14 - Cup A' Joe
Drivin' My Life Away (1980)
- Performed by Eddie Rabbitt (Horizon (LP), Elektra, 6E-276)
Cheeseburger in Paradise (1978)
- Performed by Jimmy Buffet (ABC Records, AA-1046)

S03E20 - Knights of the Road
See You Later Alligator (1956)
- Performed by Bill Haley and his Comets (Decca, M 33942, 78RPM)

S03E22 - Bounty
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (1965) (Mentioned by Murdock & Kelly)
- Performed by The Beatles (Parlophone Records, PMC 1267)
The Gambler (1978) (Quoted by Hannibal)
- Performed by Kenny Rogers (United Artists Records, UA-LA934-H)

S03E23 - Beverly Hills Assault
Jim Nabors - Sings The Great Love Songs (Columbia Records, 31591)
- Mentioned by Peggy
- Performed by Glenn Fry, (MCA Records, 259 179-7, 45RPM)
Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (1966)
- Performed by The Kinks (Pye Records, 7N 17064,, 45RPM)

S03E25 - Incident At Crystal Lake
One Way Or Another (1978)
- Performed by Blondie (Chrysalis, 103 817)

S04E06 - The Heart of Rock n' Roll
Superfreak (Part 1) (1981)
- Performed by Rick James (Gordy, G 7205F)
The Heart Of Rock & Roll (1984)
- Performed by Huey Lewis & The News (Chrysalis, VS4 42782)
Glow (1985)
- Performed by Rick James (Motown, 6135 GL)
Jailhouse Rock (1957)
- Performed by Elvis Presley (RCA, EPA 4114)
Don't Let Go (1979)
- Performed by Isaac Hayes (Polydor, 2121 401)
Steamroller Blues (1985)
- Performed by Isaac Hayes & Rick James (Unrecoreded, originally by Billy Dean)
What Do You Do When The Wonder Is Gone (1985)
- Performed by Isaac Hayes (Unrecoreded)

S04E10 - There Goes The Neighborhood)
A Day in the Live (1967) (Sung by Murdock & Stevie)
- Performed by The Beatles (EMI-Bovema, 37383-1-Y)

S04E11 - The Doctor Is Out
Born In The U.S.A (1984) (Mentiond by Murdock)
- Performed by Bruce Springsteen (CBS, CBS 86304, 01-086304-20)

S04E16 - Cowboy George
God Thank You Woman (1986)
- Performed by Culture Club (Virgin Schallplatten GmbH, 108 211)
Too Marvelous For Words (1958)
- Performed by The Lennon Sisters (Brunswick, BL-54039)
Three Blind Mice (1960)
- Performed by Lawrence Welk (DOT Records, DLP-3317/25317)
Move Away (1986)
- Performed by Culture Club (Virgin Schallplatten GmbH, 108 046-100)
Karma Chameleon (1983)
- Performed by Culture Club (Virgin Records (UK), (VS 612)

S04E19 - Beneath The Surface
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (1968)
- Performed by Iron Butterfly (Atlantic Records, ATL 70.322)
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (1965)
- Performed by Animals, The (Columbia Records, DB 7639)

S04E20 - Mission of Peace
Need Your Love So Bad (1979)
- Performed by The Allman Brothers Band (Capricorn Records, CPN 0218)

S04E21 - The Trouble With Harry
Not Fade Away (1957)
- Performed by Buddy Holly & The Crickets (Brunswick 9-55035)

S04E23 - The Sound of Thunder
Addicted To Love (1982)
- Performed by Robert Palmer (Island Records (UK), WIP 6833)
Eve of Destruction (1965)
- Performed by Barry McGuire (RCA Victor, RCA 1469)

S05E01 - Dishpan Man
Sixteen Tons (1955) (Sung by Murdock)
- Performed by Tennessee Ernie Ford (Capitol Records, CL 14500)

S05E05 - The Theory of Revolution
Louie Louie (1966)
- Performed by Kingsmen, The (Collectables, COL 4062)
Revolution (1968)
- Performed by Beatles, The (Apple Records, R 5722)

S05E06 - The Say U.N.C.L.E. Affair
It Was A Very Good Year (1965) (Sung by Murdock)
- Performed by Frank Sinatra (Reprise Records, FS 1014)
Young At Heart (1954) (Sung by Murdock)
- Performed by Frank Sinatra (EMI Records (UK), EMTV 10)
Fly Me To The Moon (1964) (Sung by Murdock)
- Performed by Frank Sinatra (Reprise Records, F/FS 1012)

S05E07 - Alive At Five
Miles from Nowhere (1970)
- Performed by Cat Stevens (Island Records (UK), ILPS 9135)

S05E12 - The Grey Team
Night Fever (1977)
- Performed by Bee Gees (RSO Records, Inc., 2090 272)

S05E13 - Without Reservations
You Are My Sunshine (1940) (sung by Hannibal & Face)
- Performed by Jimmie Davis
Miles from Nowhere (1970)
- Performed by Cat Stevens (Island Records (UK), ILPS 9135)

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