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Pronunciation of Colville = CALL-vill or KAWL'-vil


The mission of the Clan Colville Society is provide information about the Colville's and to have membership made up of people of Scottish/Irish decent bearing the various spellings and associations of the name Colville, including other families with Colville line ties. Its purpose is to encourage members and non-members alike; to interest themselves in all social and cultural matters relating to the Colville families and the Colville Society; to preserve and present the culture, history, heraldry, pageantry, music, literature, crafts, sports and arts of Scotland, Ireland and Celtic Origin; especially as they may relate to the Scottish/Irish Clans or Families. Each prospective member is encouraged to furnish their family information, footnoted with source data, for inclusion in a computer genealogy based program which will be established to assist our members in genealogical research.

September 1999, was a historical date for the Clan Colville. We were represented for the first time at any Highland Games in History in the United States or overseas. The place was the Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland games in Estes Park, Colorado. It was the perfect setting for the Highland games. We had our first Clan Booth Tent set up and over 300 visitors signed in the guest book. The games were September 9, 10, 11, and 12th, 1999. The games are always every year the weekend after Labor Day, so plan ahead for this coming year and mark your calendars for that weekend!

It has been a fruitful journey in addition to having the official web site. I will make this an ever growing site. The Clan Colville Society has received so many questions concerning the Colvilles/Colvins and its family names connected with it, Clan Colville felt it could better serve with an official Clan Colville Homepage.

Presently this page and Society has been sanctioned by the Clan Chieftain. Please check the Information page to read the letter received from the Clan Chieftain allowing permission on starting the Clan Colville Society. The Clan Colville Society is open to all families around the world. The Clan Colville, along with its associated family's are large and all over the world. We are building stronger and stronger every year as a Society and we are amoung the top amongst other clans.

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