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Angel Encounters

Angels are encountered randomly on Vulcore when you have an alignment of either positive or negative 25. The angels can only be encountered in normal Vulcore territory, as in, not the Lava Fields, Scaven Territory, or Plateau. Once the angels greet you, you will be offered three choices. Enrichment, Information, or Clan Aid.
  • Enrichment: By far the best option, this will give you a 10x credit multiplier for around 1000 KCharge. It is NOT currently affected by storms the way normal multipliers are,... it will stay with you until you die or it's natural counter runs down. With enrichment on, you must avoid all encounters save for Tag Droids, Security Vaults, Canyons, and Caves. This will ensure you get the most credit possible, sacraficing a bit of normal experience gain and KCharge for a lot more credit. Enrichment is NOT lost if you log off, its timer is done by KCharge, not by a clock. WARNING: There is a bug with enrichment. If you get another credit multiplier ontop of enrichment (say, going to the plateau) the enrichment counter will be destroyed, and replaced with a normal multiplier counter. In other words, your enrichment will expire MUCH faster. Avoid Firewells, Renegade Bases, and the Plateau to get around this problem.
  • Information: Currently this offeres you a choice between one segment of Bulwark technology, or one segment of Crusader technology. Considering that Bulwark technology is relativly easy to aquire, if you choose the information route it is best to get Crusader technology.
  • Clan Aid: This will give you 5 Construction Notes to use towards your clan base.
Ways to get your alignment up:
  • Set traps in canyons, and then let the trapped bots go free.
  • Assist trapped bots.
  • Not slaughtering or threatening farmers (Scaven Territory)
  • Free Prisoners (Talsia)
  • Help Guerillas (Talsia)
Ways to lower your alignment:
  • Destroy trapped bots
  • Collapse shafts on Scaven (Firewell)
  • Slaughter Farmers (Scaven Territory)
  • Slaughter or Ransom Guerilla Prisoners (Talsia)
  • Slaughter or Ransom Federate Prisoners (Talsia)
  • Slaughter both Federates and Guerillas during 3-way battle. (Talsia)

Lava Fields

The Lava Fields contain many of the more dangerous Cybots in Vulcore. These Cybots call themselves the Pheonix Group, and hold the precious Magma technology. You guessed it,.. you have to kill them and take the technology from thier cold dead metal hands.

On the fields you will encounter:
  • Random Renegades: Think of these guys as a normal veteran squad from the main Vulcore area.
  • Pheonix Collective Squads: Using Magma weaponry and reactors, odds are you won't be able to defeat these bohemoths until much later on.
  • Magma Research Lab: These can be empty, or contain ambushes of normal cybots, or can give you a segment of sweet sweet magma technology. Always check these out. Anomaly Detectors give you a higher chance of finding these, AND sometimes if the vault is empty, it can find a secret compartment, giving you an item anyway.
  • Pheonix Base: Not your normal renegade base, these are much more highly defended, once again by the Pheonix magma wielding group. If defeated they sometimes give several magma segments at once.
  • Arza's Arena: Lots of people love this area. For a small fee, you can enter a tournament of ever-increasing difficulty until either your bots die, or you win 6 rounds in a row. The payouts are high, and scale nicly with your squad's battle merit. There is also an option to fight the Master Controllers, but I have not done this. Please send information if you have tried this.
  • Unstable Ground: Occasionally you'll be forced to either take a chance with some damage, or leave the lava fields. Each time you go through the unstable grounds, there is a 50/50 chance to get back on stable ground, or be hit with large amounts of damage. This can go on for up to 3 turns in a row.


The Plateau is another popular destination, for many reasons. As soon as you enter the Plateau, you'll get an automatic 2x credit and Experience multiplier. These last slightly longer then normal vulcore multipliers. After that, you'll encounter:
  • Normal, and Strong Renegade Squads: Normal squads will roughly equal your squad's Battle Merit, while Strong squads can go up to +50% of your squad's merit. Because of this, these encounters are much more deadly than normal Vulcore renegades.
  • EX Bots: These are talked about more below in 'Encounters'. There is a much higher chance of meeting these bots in the Plateau then normal Vulcore areas.
  • Tag Droids: These are talked about more below in 'Encounters'. There is a much higher chance of meeting these bots in the Plateau then normal Vulcore areas.
  • Abandoned Mining Base: These can be empty, or undefended, but most often you will first face one wave of normal cybots, then a second encounter of Syphon Turrets, guarding the goodies within the base. Normal prizes are 2x credit or Experience multipliers, large credit bonuses, or Technology segments (Bulwark or Magma only).
  • Destroyers (Bulwarks): These guys may appear deadly, but dont be fooled. You can start taking these guys on with a simple squad of 2 reapers and 2 valadins. At low Battle Merit rates, the Bulwark squads will only spawn with 2 Bulwarks and one random reaper. Quickly drain the reaper, and take the first bulwark hit. Then you can be free to drain the Bulwarks at your leisure without worring about thier reaper. Bulwark engines range from 900 to 3000, so back at least Syphon MKII. You'll recieve one segment for each squad killed, and you'll need 20 segments to recieve the technology.


Here is a list of all the different types of enemy squads you'll see in the normal vulcore area.
  • Light, and Veteran Renegades: Light Squads will be half or less than your squad's Battle Merit. Veterans will be around half or more.
  • EX Bots: These bots consist of 2 random specialized Marauders, and one random sentinal. They start from EX20, and go up to EX24, increasing in difficulty in terms of weapon outfits. The best strategy to take these down, is to concentrate 2 reapers on one, and then the other. Then you can delegate one reaper to each EX bot and let your other bots whittle away at the sentinal. Most EX bots do have some sort of draining weapons, so be prepared, and use missiles or autocannons, as they use less power. With higher Battle Merit, the EX bots will spawn higher ranks of sentinal (Aegis mostly) and occasionally produce a third EX bot and second sentinal. Dont worry about that until you have 100K Battle Merit.
  • Tag Droids: These are bank transports. Blow them open and raid the credits! Unfortunatly, these are defended by the equivalent of two Veteran renegade squads. Sometimes you will see "heavily defended" tag droids, and of course this means more high-calibur renegade bots. Watch out for Malice marauders and Ginzu reapers, they make common appearances at high Battle Merits.
  • Scaven: These come in light, medium, and large squad varieties. For the most part, they are simply cannon fodder. As long as you have a reaper to drain any shielder, they will fall like flies to any autocannon. They use miniguns, rocket launchers, grenades, handguns, but for the most part all these weapons are ineffective if you have any type of shield deflection, or have a Zodiac mercenary to absorb the small amounts of damage. What you need to watch out for are squads with Heroes, and Warlods, as they can make thier entire squad have insane critical hit rates. Scavens are also inhabit Firewells, and Caves. Last point, Scavens are worth more experience, but less money, then regular cybots. Go to Scaven Territory if you need to level up faster.


Mercreds are a special form of payment that can be redeamed at Mercenary posts (talked more about below). In order to earn Mercreds, you must first do missions for the Mercenary posts. These include:
  • Tag Droid Escourt: This is worth 3 Mercreds. To complete the mission you will be given a tag droid, and you must escourt it for a random number of turns until you find another mercenary post to drop it off at. Simple. As a bonus, the Tag Droid can also repair your troops like a normal Orbiter, and will also search caves/firewells for traps if needed.
  • Crystal Mining: This is worth 5 Mercreds for EACH crystal you find. To complete the mission you will be given a surveyer. Unlike the tag droid it has no weapons, little defense, and no useful side-effect outside combat. What it will do is detect caves at a higher rate, and indicate to you which ones contain crystals suitable for mining. Like the tag droid mission, as soon as you find a mercenary outpost, the mission is over, whether you collected any crystals or not.
  • Matriarch Crowns: This is worth 10 Mercreds for EACH crown you find. To complete this mission you will be sent into Scaven Territory. This is the only way to get into Scaven Territory. You must then grope your way along the countryside, slaughtering random Scaven squads until you happen upon a Scaven Village, or Palace. Once you get base the initial defenses you'll be met with a Matriarch (can be more than one), and it's posse. IMPORTANT: You must drain the shield generators before having any hope of killing off the Matriarch. You have 2-3 turns to kill the Matriarch before she will unleash Pandora's Box, a little gadget that likes to decimate entire squads whole. You have one turn to take down 1000-3000 energy on the shield generators, then one turn to do 800-2000 armor damage to the Matriarch(s). You'll gain one crown for each encounter, and you can retreat to the mercenary outpost at any time.
  • Sulphur Pit Information: I have NO information about this mission, as I have yet to partake in it. But I'm not going to, because the Sulphur Pits creep me out. *shakes fist at crusaders*

You can trade in your Mercreds for Mercs, hirable goons that follow you around until you die, they die, or you return to workshop. Details on the mercenaries you can purchase are here.

Scaven Territory

As stated above, the Scaven Territories are a special area only accessable after accepting the Matriarch Crowns mission from a mercenary post. In this area you will encounter:
  • Scaven Squads: Like normal vulcore, you will see these in light, medium, and large varieties. The are only 2 differences, one being that these Scaven squads are all you fight here. No renegade cybots at all. None. The other difference is that there seems to be a higher chance of Scaven Heroes or Warlords appearing with these squads.
  • Scaven Forts: Much like renegade bases. First you'll have to get in range of the fort, which is sometimes hampered by mortar fire. Sometimes you take no damage, and sometimes you'll be stalled for 3 turns while the mortar pounds you. Eventually you'll see a normal Scaven squad, beefed up with a Fort Wall. Always at least one shielder will spawn in this group.
  • Scaven Farms: Interesting places. On approch, you'll either be ambushed by a normal scaven squad, or hailed by crying neutral farmers, or will find the farm empty. If you ignore the farmers and continue your patrol, your alignment will rise for giving them mercy. Do not threaten or kill the farmers, as the credit gain is nowhere near worth the alignment loss.
  • Ziggurates These are Royal Scaven burial mounds. Rumor is that if you have 4 Fiery Rune modules equipped on your squad, you'll be able to open these. Rewards include Matriarch Crowns (up to 3), credit bonuses, credit multipliers, etc.
  • Scaven Village: Friend or foe? You can either choose to attack the village, because there is most often a Matriarch inside, or you can contact the village and offer help. If you help, you'll be given one of two tasks. One is to clear thier burial grounds of enemy Cybots (Very strong squad), or you'll be sent to raze a mercenary base. You might have guessed, but do NOT raze a mercenary base. If you complete thier task they will give you a choice recruiting Scaven, getting Coordinates to prominant places, or a credit bonus. If you choose Recruit, you'll be given 5 random scaven to add onto your squad like normal mercs, and they are suprisingly efficient at drawing fire. Be happy if you get a couple of shielders and a Hero of some sort.
  • Scaven Palice: Not much to do here but brave up to 3 squads of scaven, and then engage the entrenched Matriarch within. Good luck.


As stated above, the Scaven Territories are a special area only accessable after accepting the Matriarch Crowns mission from a mercenary post. In this area you will encounter:
  • Firewell: Firewells are wonderful little things, but you need two modules to really make use of them. A Phase modulator will ensure 100% that a Firewell reactor will not meltdown. This gets you your choice of a 2x Experience multiplier (short lived), or a roulette second choice. By using the Comwave Scanner, you increase your odds on the rouletted. You can either find coordinates to other vulcore locations, a credit bonus, or credit multipliers. Be warned, sometimes Scaven inhibit Firewells, and store minor items within. Firewells can also be empty. Anomaly Detectors improve your odds of finding Firewells.
  • Cave: Often empty or inhabited with enemies. Occasionally you will be given the choice to send in your orbiter first (if you have one), and by doing this you can surprise guards, or disarm traps. This is a good thing, because unlike other areas, these traps can really hurt, and they often destroy what they're guarding. The gains of caves can be either passage to a hidden canyon (a shorter version of a normal canyon), or a normal cash bonus/item dispenser.
  • Canyon: These can lead 3 places. To a dead end (eww), to a renegade base (eww), or to a Magma dam, where you can climb up onto the lava fields (yay!). On the way there, you'll meet up with typical Scaven ambushes and light cybot squads. If you have a motion tracker, you can set traps for those squads, to get some easy cash, and increase your alignment by letting the trapped bots leave (if any survived). Often canyon entrances are blocked by fallen rocks. The most efficient way of breaking these rocks is with any variety of missiles (LR100s will do), or with large armor piercing weapons (Avenger).
  • Renegade Base: These are tough nuts to crack when you just start out. The trick is to have weapons dealing more than 300 armor damage, such as Avengers, Shard cannons, and Shatter cannons. The bots cowering behind the walls can be hit almost normally, but the wall has a lot of deflection, and can waste a lot of your KCharge if you arn't prepared. Once past 2 lines of defense, you'll either be rewared with a vault, or a comlink panel to hack. Well, that, or you'll be confronted by the deadly Renegade Base Commander. These brutes travel around in Leviathan Chassis, and often have posses of only the most elite versions of normal cybots. Unless you have a lot of deflection, shields, and drain power, do not attempt to take these decimation machines on. If you domanage to kill one of them, they'll reward you with 10 Mercreds, and a higher chance of your final reward being a magma/bulwark segment.
  • Mercenary Outpost: These are friendly bases where you can hire mercenaries, get repairs, or take on missions. These are talked about more here.

Vulcore Mercenaries

SectionNameChassisMercred CostWeaponsShieldsModulesReactorOther
AssaultNighthawkRanger3Argon LaserBaronNoneIonNone
AssaultDominatorValadin620mm Autocannon, Shield Disruptor2x Baron Impulse ShieldsNoneUnknownNone
AssaultCenturionReaper102x Basic SyphonUnknownUnknownUnknownNormal Reaper energy bonuses
AssaultPraetorMarauder1220mm Autocannon, Shield Disruptor, Baron Laser, G33 LauncherNoneNoneIon FluxNone
AssaultCopiusOverseer15UnknownUnknown2x Targeting Subroutine, Weapons AmplifierHydron Core50% Module Uplink
DefenseDukatSentinal10None2x Baron Reflective, one BaronUnknownIonNone
DefenseAdverseOverseer15Argon LaserBaronEM Pulse Emitter, 2x Titan DeflectorIon Flux50% Module Uplink
DefenseZodiakSentinal20None3x Photonic SphereUnknownBio-NuclearNone
SupportPulseUnknown5Argon LaserNoneBounty Enhancer, Motion Tracker, Phase ModulatorIonNone
SupportOrbieOrbiter12Thorn MinesBaronComWave Scanner, Security Countermand, Anomaly DetectorIon FluxNone

Talsia Mercenaries

Note: Not all mercenaries can be purchased with accolades at the start! Some can be added on later during a mission for cash, or CyCom may give them to you for free as reinforcements.

Also, regarding Satellites, when purchased they will be given to your control, but will not join your main group, and as such arnt affected by your squad's benefition effects. Satellites cannot be targeted by the enemy. Satellites cease to function if their counterpart, the Opticon (Orbiter) is destroyed.

All Cyporps chassis have enhanced speed and armor, and some models also feature extra slots.

NameChassisAccolade CostWeaponsShieldsModulesReactorOther
MechoidCyCorps Orbiter1020mm ManifoldPhotonicAnomaly Detector, Security CountermandBio-NuclearNone
PursuerCyCorps Ranger15Shard CannonPhotonic ShieldTitan DeflectorBio-NuclearNone
ValanceCyCorps Valadin25Shatter CannonPhotonic, Baron IITargeting SubroutineBio-NuclearNone
BasiliskCyCorps Reaper302x Syphon EliteUnknownMagnetic ActuatorHydron CoreEnergy Share 100%, Enemy Drain 200%
EclipseCyCorps Sentinal502x Argon Laser4x PhotonicTitan DeflectorCobalt Hydron50% Shield Projection (1200)
RemusCyCorps Overseer55Argon LaserUnknownTargeting Subroutine, EM Pulse Emitter, Flux Channel, Deflection GridHydron Core50% Module Uplink
TyphoonCyCorps Marauder552x Heavy Shield Disruptor, 2x Vulcan Cannon, Syphon Elite, Shatter CannonNoneNoneBio-NuclearNone
HydraCyCorps Leviathan1002x HR100 Rocket Pack, Shield Neutraliser, Shatter Cannon, Thor, 3x Baron Battery2x Photonic2x Magnetic ActuatorCobalt HydronNone
CySat EMCySat EM200Ion BeamNone (Cannot be targeted)NoneBio-NuclearIon Beam does 10000 Energy Drain
CySat ASCySat AS200Particle StreamNone (Cannot be targeted)NoneBio-NuclearParticle Stream does 7500 shield damage, 2500 armor damage
OpticonCyCorps OrbiterN/A20mm ManifoldPhotonicAnomaly Detector, Security CountermandBio-NuclearNone
EngagerCyCorps RangerN/AHR X Rocket PackArgonWeapons AmplifierCobalt HydronNone
LancerCyCorps ValadinN/AShield Neutraliser, Phalanx2x Argon WebFlux Channel, TC7 Target PredictorHydron CoreNone
SaladinCyCorps SentinalN/A20mm Manifold, Heavy Shield Disruptor4x Argon WebDeflection GridTribolt HydronProjection appears bugged, may give 100%
GhengisCyCorps OverseerN/AG33 LauncherArgon WebTargeting Subroutine, Flux Channel, 2x Weapon AmplifierCobalt Hydron50% Module Uplink
ArgusCyCorps MarauderN/AUnknownNoneNoneUnknownNone
HerculesCyCorps LeviathanN/A4x Heavy Shield Displacer, 4x Shatter CannonNoneMagnetic Actuator, Weapons AmplifierTribolt HydronEnhanced Health: 5300 HP total

Super Weapons

There are 3 weapons currently classes a Superweapons. These are the Thermal Dawn, Riot Gun, and Obiterator.
There are two methods for obtaining these weapons:
- Purchase them for accolades in Talsia
- Find them off dead Annihilator squads (in sulphur pits). The higher your battle merit, the higher quality super weapon you will recieve.

Here are thier stats:

Thermal Dawn

Weight: 100
Radius: 4
Shield Damage: 1000
Armor Damage: 500
Tech Level: 267
Energy Per Shot: 200
Shots Per Turn: 0.5
Accuracy: 100%
Riot Gun

Weight: 150
Radius: 4
Shield Damage: 1500
Armor Damage: 750
Tech Level: 407
Energy Per Shot: 400
Shots Per Turn: 0.5
Accuracy: 100%

Weight: 250
Radius: 4
Shield Damage: 2000
Armor Damage: 1000
Tech Level: 548
Energy Per Shot: 800
Shots Per Turn: 0.5
Accuracy: 100%

Magma Technology

Magma technology is probably the most versatile in the game right now. It is useful both at high and low level, and for more then one equipment category.
It currently boasts the most robust reactors in the game.

Here are thier stats:

Magmatic Reactor

Weight: 80
Tech Level: 55
Max Energy Level: 2500
Recharge rate: 750
Battle Merit: 6250
Magmatic Pyroclast Reactor

Weight: 250
Tech Level: 100
Max Energy Level: 5000
Recharge rate: 1500
Battle Merit: 12500
Magma Mines

Weight: 10
Radius: 4
Shield Damage: 60
Armor Damage: 35
Tech Level: 95
Energy Per Shot: 4
Shots Per Turn: 3
Accuracy: 25%
Battle Merit:43875
Phoenix Laser

Weight: 50
Radius: 1
Shield Damage: 400
Armor Damage: 240
Tech Level: 85
Energy Per Shot: 160
Shots Per Turn: 1
Accuracy: 70%
Battle Merit: 39600
Magma Cannon

Weight: 40
Radius: 2
Shield Damage: 250
Armor Damage: 200
Tech Level: 95
Energy Per Shot: 50
Shots Per Turn: 1
Accuracy: 75%
Battle Merit: 43875
Morning Star

Weight: 75
Radius: 3
Shield Damage: 600
Armor Damage: 400
Tech Level: 312
Energy Per Shot: 20
Shots Per Turn: 1
Accuracy: 35%
Battle Merit: 130500

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