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Q: What is the City Garden Coop?

More than just good shopping, City Garden offers a whole plethora of additional
Member Benefits

Monthly member potlucks! Meet your fellow members, share great co-op dishes, and make the co-op a better place.

Coop Meetings: As a co-owner of City Garden, you get to participate in shaping its future.

Support local business--City Garden buys produce from local farmers.

Questions about the coop? Email us!

A: City Garden is a member owned and operated coop in Mt. Pleasant, Washington, DC. Produce is purchased from local farmers markets and all food is priced at cost. A small markup is then added at the register to cover the costs of running the coop.

Q: Why should I join the City Garden Coop?
A: To save money, eat great food, meet your neighbors, make friends, and influence people.

Q: How long has City Garden been around?
A: City Garden has been an institution in Mt. Pleasant for nearly 2 decades. Get a sense of our history--read the newsletter archives!

Q: Do famous and important people shop at City Garden?
A: Yes, all the time.

Q: What is involved in becoming a member?
A: Individual membership is $30/year, a two-person membership is $50/year, a three-person membership is $65/year and for houses of four or more, just add $10 for each additional person. Every coop member is responsible for a three hour workshift once every seven weeks.

Q: What would I do on a workshift?
A: Mostly stuff like pricing and bagging bulk food, cutting cheese, pouring cider, weighing produce, and totaling purchases. Plus the all-important tasks of hanging with your workshift partners and fellow shoppers.

Q: Can I shop at City Garden if I'm not a member?
A: Non-members are allowed to shop the first time to "check it out."

Q: Aren't Coops "out-of-style"?
A: No, City Garden Coop is very stylish.

Q: Where is the City Garden Coop?
A: In the basement at 3327 18th Street, NW (at the corner of Monroe and 18th), in the Mt. Pleasant area of Washington, DC.

Q: When can I shop at City Garden?
A: The co-op is open Saturdays from 10am-1pm. Members can also get keys to the co-op and shop when the co-op is closed (check only). This is called an "off buy."

Q: What can I buy at City Garden?
A: Fruits, Vegetables, Organic Produce and Bulk Foods, Grains, Eggs, Dried Fruit, Fresh Breads, Bagels, and other Baked Goods, Olive Oil (extra virgin, of course), Juices, Cereal, Bulk Teas and Spices, Apple Cider, Cheeses, Cream Cheese, Tofu (plain and yummy barbequed), Tempeh (yes, some people like this stuff), Nuts, Shampoos and Soaps, Peanut Butter, Paper Products, and more!

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Print out a Membership form and bring it by City Garden when we're open, or stop by to fill one out.

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