Cindy Lee Aishman Douglas

Solitary Witch
52 years young
Green/hazel eyes
Maybe 140#s
4' 6" height
Sevierville, Tennessee
The Great Smokie Mountains

I am a Daughter/Sister/Ma/Aunt/Granny/Friend
Freelance Herbs Researcher/Webmaster
I do surveys online to make a little cash.
I add banners to webpages to make a little cash, too.
Love reading horror and mystry novels.
Harley Davidson fan
Rock n Roll/Country/Blue Grass/Jazz

Some of My Family's Tree
All my kids are grown and 3 Grandchildren
I have 5 dogs and 1 cat

Be kind to critters.
If you are a pet owner, keep them safe from harm.
An unattended dog can get into much trouble, especially
a bigger dog; the traffic, poisons, garbage, and running in packs.
Dogs running in packs can hurt people and be generally destructive.
Not all people are keen with dogs and frighten easily,
this in turn can cause a dog to be agressive.
It is 2009, the way of the world is no longer safe
for dogs to run free for rabbits and butterflies, keep your dog safe.
A note on the breed of the American Pit Bulldog,
I love my Daisy and I keep her safe and others, it is not that
she is agressive, she loves most people and animals very much.
A brother-in-law once teased her in her cage, it was not pretty.
I am very careful who I let around her, not all people have respect
for her breed, I will not allow another to make her a bad dog.
I have only seen her react to one other person in the 5 years
I have had her and she was contained at the time, any dog can
react agressively, but the power in her breed must be respected.

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Elder's Meditation of the Day - April 21 Autumn Leaves
"Conciliation is the key to survival. Peace is the goal."
--Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders
When we make decisions or experience conflict we need to look at the greater whole. The end result we want to accomplish is peace of mind. If we keep this goal in mind, we will, overall, live a happy and fulfilling life. Everything in the world is constantly changing so we should not resist this change. A good question to ask ourselves is, "would I rather be right or happy?" If we would rather be happy, then it is easier to let the little things go. If we would rather be right, we tend to look for the WIN/LOSE.

Great Spirit, today, give me the tools to seek peace of mind.

Wishing you and Yours Well!!!!

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Being a witch is waking up every day
with the feeling that you are a part of something.
It holds you in its magick.
Elder Pagan

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