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"I loved the subtle sounds and drone-like harmonies of '(whatever happened to) Timothy Davey'."
--- Rhys Chatham

"I have to say how much I enjoy christöphilax's recordings - a chance to cleanse the ears to begin the day and work through some immersive soundscapes. Highly intense and fulsome indeed! What a bumper series of surrealistic adventures."
--- Robin Rimbaud/Scanner

"Listening becomes an exercise in endurance."
--- Matthew Pollesel (Splendid Magazine)

"I especially liked cuts 10 and 13 on christöphilax as formative of the function of the I. The subtly changing textures take you on a clean journey."
--- Simeon Coxe (Silver Apples)

"Behold the raw power of christöphilax."
--- Andrew Magilow (Splendid Magazine)

"Consistently wondrous and atmospheric....Ambient music that dares to be tuneful and accessible."
--- Matt Shimmer (Indieville Magazine)

"I like the hypnotic density. Bedroom autism meets dark room aneurism, as it were. That juxtaposition of etymology and sonic entomology."
--- Robert Poss (Band of Susans)

"As interesting as recording the sound of nails on a chalkboard."
--- Amir Karim Nezar (Splendid Magazine)

"goldensmell is a very pleasant, if somewhat regular, microsound ambient glitch release."
--- Frans de Waard (Vital Weekly)

"the work of christöphilax in the age of mechanical reproduction kept going in my head for some while after I turned the stereo off."
--- Adrian Shaw (Bevis Frond, Hawkwind, Magic Muscle & The Crazy World of Arthur Brown)

"christöphilax as formative of the function of the I might end up being the soundtrack to your mental collapse."
--- Philip Stone (Splendid Magazine)

"I particularly liked all the tracks that began with a 'k'."
--- Peter Fydler (The British Film Institute, UK)

"Good late night mood music (but perhaps I have strange moods)."
--- Ned Raggett (Music Critic/Performer)

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