Date: Sun Oct 20 14:11:54 MDT 2002

Quote Oakbreeze; "Tobias, you say Christo-Pagans are self-deluded, but you know, plenty of people consider Wicca a flaky cult that isn't a REAL religion." Antistoicus it's you again I believe. Haven't you had enough already, I thought we had been through this silly Christo-pagan rubbish to its full extent before! The cat's well and truly out of the bag these days with the so-called Christ-pagan affair, so just refresh your memory and look again at all that was stated below this response.

Quote: "Freedom of religion applies to ALL of us." Not true actually as freedom does NOT apply to fundamentalists who use their religion as a battering ram to foster monotheistic bigotry on the masses. These factions are NOT free to create more SRAM cases!

Name: Oakbreeze
Date: Sun Oct 20 18:21:21 MDT 2002 I'm not Antistoicus, as it happens, but you don't sound like the type who'll believe me. Not like I care if you do anyway. *shrugs* And I am not going to argue with you, since I don't think you're trying to listen to what I say. You've already decided what you want to believe, and I wish you joy of it. So goodbye.

Date: Mon Oct 21 05:21:12 MDT 2002

You may of course 'assume' whenever you like yet your pro-Christo-pagan rhetoric is identical to Antistoicus, especially your comments about 'witchcrtaft' (as he was so very anti-wiccan) in particular. 'Joy' to you also in your quest !

Name: Antistoicus
Web Site: The Prima Nocturne Incident
From: Chicago
Referred By: Altavista
Date: Mon Oct 21 21:15:10 MDT 2002

I'm not "anti-Wiccan" at all, Toby. I'm simply a group moderator who, on finding that he and his group were being subjected to harassment on behalf of a group of unusually petty Wiccan elders, made a reluctant managerial decision based on local political considerations. Pentecostal Christians are also banned from the Shrine, for many of the same reasons. When I said OPEN-MINDED in reference to those Catholic and Eastern Orthodox visitors who would be admitted, I used that word for a reason ...

Oops, had a stuck key. The link should work, this time. Toby, no rational person would argue that we were obligated to continue letting people in who never got tired of proselytizing, and otherwise trying to take over, or of creating a disruption when they found that they weren't getting what they wanted. But then, rationality was never really an issue for you, was it? Or, for CHU, which by posting that article about this alleged "attack" on them, not only showed how laughably loose their definition of the word "attack" was, but that others would do them no injustice by allowing you to speak for them.

No, Toby, I am not Oakbreeze, nor am I countless others I am sure you have smeared and will smear for the 'crime' of disagreeing with you. How interesting, though, that you first adopt a tone of triump because I got tired of wasting my time talking to you and left, only to do the same after claiming that I had returned, apparently hoping that others hadn't seen your earlier comment, just as you hoped that others had forgotten that I had introduced myself as a "proud Christo-Pagan Synchretist" when you 'revealed' that I had called myself a "church goer"; as if I had tried to keep the Christian side of my spirituality a secret.

Fine. You trolled, you and CHU kept trolling, and I finally came back to comment. Mark this day on your calendar, because you were certainly desperate to see it come, judging from how hard you and CHU have worked to make it come. Enjoy it now, because it won't last. Toby, I didn't run from you or CHU. I walked away because I was tired of your stupidity.

If religion was out of the picture, I would never have spoken to you. My standards are higher than that. As it is, I find myself going back and forth with somebody who can't comprehend the difference between "Pagan" and "Pantheist" or "Witch"; who reads at below a middle school level and acts like a hateful (expletitive deleted) online, because if he didn't he'd never be able to think of anything to say and nobody would notice him. I wouldn't be at all surprised in the "Witch hunter army" was your creation; how interesting that they never post where their IP would be publicly visible. Have fun, because I've spoken my piece and we're done. Your 15 minutes are over.

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