Name: Gertrude
Date: Thu Sep 19 14:20:53 MDT 2002

So Antistoicus, you "look down" on me do you! You also call me a "Paranoid nutcase" Thanks for admitting to the world that YOU are nothing more than a 'Religious Fascist' who resorts to purile name-calling when logic fails and when they have been 'exposed' as the 'Missionary for Christ' that they really are! You do your pathetic Xtian crusade to paganism NO favours. Alas, If only we were all as holy and perfect as you Rev. Antistoicus!

Quote - "Whether than makes me, and us monotheistic or polytheistic depends on your point of view, and how you choose to define the word "god". " I call this 'pic and mix' paganism and being VERY mixed up chum! Only a real fool, totally ignorant of the differences between Monotheism and Polytheism would call themselves a "Christian- Pagan". You called yourself a 'CHURCH GOER' so obviously your heart belongs to the 'Church.' Why else would you be trying to spread your crusade around here?

Name: Tobias
Date: Thu Sep 19 14:54:35 MDT 2002

I may be an "incredible idiot" to you Antistoicus but at least I 'm not part of a highly confused group of anti-wiccan clowns who claim to be 'Adorational Christo Pagans.' You asked me what I thought one was, well judging by your limp diatribe I now truly consider CHRISTO-PAGANS to be 'hate-filled' egotistical Christians that want to start yet 'another' branch of the CHURCH! You have been caught with egg on your face in this guestbook and cannot bear to admit it. Now who's the idiot eh?

Name: Antistoicus
Web Site: Questions and Misconceptions about ChristoPaganism
From: Chicago
Referred By: Altavista
Date: Thu Sep 19 23:08:23 MDT 2002

Gertrude and Tobias - you came here to troll, and now I am laughing and you are seething. Ironic, is it not? Did I mention why Wiccans are no longer welcome at the Shrine? Because they never knew how to "play nice with the other children"; constantly trying to convert us, growing abusive when this failed, and generally acting like you two are, right now. Why should I invite somebody in, who will become abusive because of my beliefs?

Web Site: "Breaking Away" on the Almond Jar

(Note : all material that I've linked to is copyrighted). Sally - first of all, I am not "Rev. Antistoicus". We neither have, nor desire clergy at the Shrine. As for my terming you paranoid being "puerile name calling", look at your own behavior. Shrill, hysterical intolerance because my beliefs don't fall into one of your pre-conceived categories, a delusional conviction that our religions are elaborate conspiracies to trick you into becoming a Christian. Name calling? No, just the sad truth.

Web Site: The Meaning to be found in a single myth

Back to "Tobias", now. So, how have I been caught "with egg on my face", when I've been openly Christo-Pagan for years, and my address comes up if you search under "Christo-Pagan" at the Witches' Voice (a site that sees many, many, many times the traffic of this little page), because I've submitted a number of Christo-Pagan links there; have openly stated that I was a Christo-Pagan in posts on alt.pagan and uk.religion.pagan, as well as in earlier remarks in this very guestbook?

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