Name: Springer
From: Merseyside
Referred By: media/press
Date: Mon Nov 19 09:51:38 MST 2001

Very educational and interesting site

Name: Robin
From: birmimham england
Referred By: google
Date: Wed Feb 27 09:59:39 MST 2002

interesting site enjoyed it

Name: milhouse
From: England(near liverpool)
Referred By:
Date: Wed Feb 27 09:52:19 MST 2002

a very inresting and educational site glad i found it and hope your site goes well in future

Name: Roscoe P. Coltraine
From: Florida, U.S
Referred By: Just happened upon it
Date: Sun Mar 24 08:46:05 MST 2002

I truly enjoyed this site, it is wonderful to see that others percieve the inherent dangers of "interfaith" with intolerants, and the fact that the U.S. has been and apparently will continue to be drug down by christian zealots....have you considered putting links of loke minded sites on your site? Thanks!

Name: Morrigen
From: UK
Referred By: Referred via Witchvox
Date: Sun Mar 24 10:42:20 MST 2002

(deleted) brilliant. Keep up the good work - know we support you

Name: Dr. Jonty Aloo-etcha
Web Site: DoubleVision
From: Preston
Referred By: referred from google "Xtian, Xist"
Date: Wed Mar 27 20:55:33 MST 2002

the site mentioned is not owned by me tho you are welcome to become part of our webring, along with SAFF. RU coming to the next NW PAGAN-CON?

Name: Guido
From: UK
Referred By: PF MOOT (yawn!)
Date: Thu Apr 11 03:41:28 MDT 2002

This site is the ANTIDOTE to all the idiots in the Pagan community that think interfaith with Xtians is a good idea! Why can't more occultists see this is the reality?

Name: Clarence
From: Reading, England
Referred By: Witchvox
Date: Sun Jul 7 19:40:52 MDT 2002

I am no apathetic loser and I was gladdened to see that someone out there at least gives a (deleted) about Pagans and their Path. THANK YOU!

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