Christopher R. Dorry

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Progressive Insurance Claims Adjuster

Thank you to all the military men and women who are protecting our freedoms!

Personal Information

I have recently graduated from the University of Wyoming graduating with a degree in Finance with a minor in Economics. I am currenltly employed at Progressive Insurance in Casper, Wyoming. If you would like to look at my resume please do so Christopher Dorry's Resume

Chris on summit of Mount Belord at 14,197 feet above sea level


Sports, Stock Market, and of course outdoor activities.

Here is my "hiking resume" which only includes hikes that have resulted in summiting a peak.

Colorado 14'ers (peaks over 14,000' in elevation):

14'er Elevation and rank
Mount Lincoln 14,286'(8th highest in Colorado)
Grays Peak 14,270'(9)
Torreys Peak 14,267' (11)
Quandary Peak 14,265' (13)
Mount Evans 14,264' (14)
Mount Cameron* 14,238' (doesn't count!)
Mount Belford 14,197' (18)
Mount Bross 14,172' (22)
Mount Democrat 14,148' (28)
Pikes Peak 14,110' (30)
Humboldt Peak 14,064' (37)
Mount Bierstadt 14,060' (38)
Mount Sherman 14,036' (45)
Huron Peak 14,005' (52)

Rampart Range, Colorado

Peak Elevation and times summited
Almagre Mountain 12,367' (4)
Cameron's Cone 10,707'
Ormes Peak 9,727'
Lone Pine 9,438' (2)
Blodgett Peak 9,423' (25?)
Mount Herman 9,063'


Peak Elevation, summited, and location
Medicine Bow Peak 12,013' (4) Highest Peak in SE Wyoming
Harney Peak 7,242' Highest Peak in South Dakota


I love playing and watching most sports. My two teams are the Wyoming Cowboys and Air Force Falcons.

Too bad the plates don't look like this huh?!

And the real license plate on my car!

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The DenverPost Online:


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