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CDDOIT is a powerfull Linux Bash script frontend for the creation of audio/data CD's from WAV or MP3 files and others formats, MP3<->WAV conversion, audio recording, playing and many others operations.

CDDOIT is designed to get the best quality in the creation of audio CD's.

The latest version is 1.5

New additions:

- Audio noise reduction

- Get WAV files when normal rippering fails

- CD Player with playlist

CDDOIT allows the following functions:

1. Direct Audio CD copy to CD-R

2. WAV files to CD-R copy

3. MP3 files to CD-R copy

4. WAV files to CD-R DUMMY copy

5. MP3/MPEG files to CD-R DUMMY copy

6. Data-CD direct copy to CD-R: Get data image and copy

7. Data-CD direct dummy copy to CD-R: Get data image and copy

8. On-the-fly Data-CD copy to CD-R

9. On-the-fly Data-CD dummy copy to CD-R

10. Get data image

11. Copy data image to CD-R

12. Dummy copy data image to CD-R

13. Audio+Data CD copy / Dummy copy";

14. Get WAV files from Audio-CD

15. Get MP3 files from Audio-CD

16. Get WAV files from several Audio-CD

17. Get MP3 files from several Audio-CD

18. Record audio in WAV format

19. Play WAV files

20. Play MP3/MPEG files

21. Convert MP3/MPEG files to WAV format

22. Convert WAV files to MP3 format

23. Convert no 44.100 Hz sample rate to 44.100 Hz in WAV files

24. View size of a directory in MB

25. View SCSI devices for CDRECORD

26. View free space in Hard Disks

27. View Audio-CD information

28. Multisession audio CD copy

29. LOOP device creation

30. View image data files

31. Convert audio file formats to CD copy audio file format

32. Modify CDRECORD configuration file

33. Close multisession audio CD

34. Program audio recordings

35. Program an audio recording";

36. Delete an audio recording program";

37. View audio recording programs";

38. Cancel an audio recording program already started.";

39. Manage of file names with spaces.

40. Rename MP3 file names

41. Date control in audio record programming

42. Choose in DAO mode or not for recording

43. Get RAW files from Audio-CD

44. Get AIFF files from Audio-CD

45. Get the whole Audio-CD in a single audio file in differents formats

46. Record audio in WAV format & 44100 Hz [CD copy format]

47. Record audio in specific formats

48. Audio conversion programs

49. Sleeptimer recording

50. Play many audio files

51. Multimedia kernel modules manager

52. Blank CD-ReWritables in fast and slow mode

53. Audio direct CD copy in Multisession (No enough free disk space)

54. CD Copy logs

55. New feature in multisession audio CD copy

56. Adjust max volume in audio files

57. Direct CD data copy in bootable CD's

58. Get CD Recorder information";

59. El Torito image file -Bootable CD-

60. Get WAV files when rippering fails

61. CD Player with playlist

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