West Coast Ice
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West Coast ice is far from the quality of Colorado, Alberta or New Hampshire but when its there its good fun when you know where to look, be it in fragile,precarious formations in Yosemite or behind Tahoe, or the thunker cruise at Lee Vining

It has been said the directions from San Fransisco to the best ice in California is:
Drive west (or east as the case may be) to San Fansisco Airport go to the Air Canada terminal, fly to Calgary and drive west on 1A.

It may be a joke but the time is about the same.
Hugo finishing a fragile pillar at Tahoe
Hugo following rotted ice at Tahoe
An attempt at a FA in Tahoe. The climbing was on par with Secret Probation in Vail or Shagadelic in Hafner Creek until I broke the crux hold
Another crowded day at Lee Vining
Devils Coattails: Unfortunately one of the better ice climbs in California outside of Yosemite
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