About me:

Hi, I'm a rotor head. I've been into rotaries for over ten years and I'm still fascinated by them. I like everything about these engines. From the smooth running, to the compact size. I especialy like the ability to install rotary engines into other cars (I have an MG Midget with a rotary in it).

I am always looking for new rotary related info, whether it's about the new RX-8, or a new and interesting way to install a rotary into a special vehicle, whether it's in a plane, or a boat, or something that nobody has ever done before.


About this site:

This site was started in 1998 with only a few basic pages. I didn't have much time to build them until 1999 when I got onto homepage.com. I added a few more pages and fixed some stuff. Only a few people saw my site while it was up on homepage.com. My site remained unchanged through 2000. Homepage.com went down in March 2001 so it gave me a good reason to update my site and put it on a more reliable site host. I'm currently on Geocities.

These pages were all written in Notepad so there may be a mistake here or there. Oh well, we're all learning.

I wrote these pages as a service to all the rotor heads (and non alike) out there. I did it so I could share my own personal (unique) perspective on rotaries, and maybe even educate somebody.

Here you will find information ranging from the thought-experiment stage, all the way up to some completed projects. Just remember that the information contained here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be performed on a vehicle which is to be driven upon a highway unless the mods performed do not affect the emissions system. Emissions devices suck. Look into propane.

Anyone can modify their vehicle, but do so at your own discretion (check local laws before you begin).

I tend to use lots of shorthand explainations, so you might get lost at times. I may recommend that you follow certain links from time to time pertaining to the subjects that I'm describing. Please follow these links if you need to. I hope I don't loose yah!

Please send me an email with thanks (or whatever) if you found my pages to be of value to you.

Other than that, I hope you find my site to be smart, and informative. Don't forget to recommend it to your friends!


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