Liquefied Petroleum Gas

PROPANE. This stuff is great! It is more-or-less available all over the place, so using it as fuel for your grocery getter, or daily driver, should cost less than gasoline (especialy with rising gas prices). It pollutes less than gasoline and does great with forced induction such as with turbos and superchargers. It has the same weight for distance traveled as gasoline (important in a plane). The engine oil stays cleaner longer. It runs really great in rotaries.

I won’t be able to explain this as well as I did with hydrogen, but it is still a viable alternative to gasoline, and the conversion wouldn’t cost as much as the Hydro-Mist conversion explained in the Hydrogen section. And it is still legal to remove all of your smog stuff and run a high boost turbo/supercharger setup on your rotary.

You’ll need to check out Do Rotaries and Gas mix?? at The Round & Round Not Up & Down Page for more info about Propane.

Atkins Rotary Specialties Inc. can do propane conversions.

I know that if I never get my hydrogen project to work, that the LPG conversion will definitely be going in my truck/cars.


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