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About the Club

The Bedlington Terrier Club of the West is a club dedicated to the promotion of interest in the Bedlington Terrier breed. We like to encourage new fanciers and we hold an annual Bedlington Terrier Specialty Show in June.

The Bedlington Terrier Club of the West also works toward the eradication of Copper Toxicosis through the education of breeders and prospective owners.

To Find out more about the BTCW, read the Bylaws.

News From the Board

From the board meeting in February:

  • Lucy Heyman and Lacie Thrall were chosen to be the nomination committee for this year's annual election of officers and board members.
    • Individual members are invited to make nominations by March 25. Send them to Barbara Emdur at [email protected] if you have a name to submit as a candidate for president, vice president, secretary, treasurer or any of the four board member positions.
    • Our by-laws say that only dues paying members can nominate or be nominated, so if you haven't paid your dues, please also forward those to Barbara at 5806 Ridgemoor Drive, San Diego CA 92120.
  • Our annual meeting will be June 20 in Long Beach at California State University. It will be a pot luck.
  • Our sweepstakes and specialty shows will be held in conjunction with the Great Western Terrier Association show on June 21.
    • Ms. Carol Esterkin has graciously agreed to judge the specialty.
    • We need someone to take the advertising chair for this. Ads must be placed by May 3 for the GWTA catalog, and includes trophy donations and memorials as well as kennels, individual, whatever.
    • Entries for the shows close June 3.
  • We are also planning a specialty at the AKC/Eukanuba national championship in December in Long Beach. More news on that to come.
  • Now for the final and biggest news: The BCTA would like us co-sponsor a 2011 floating specialty show.

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