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I have been weaving since 1967. Flowing lines, intriguing textures, bold images and original designs characterize my award-winning work. I give workshops and lectures for guilds and conferences, and have taught in eight countries. My book, Exploring Multishaft Design, is lots of fun.

Email: [email protected]

January 24 through June 1, 2009:
38213 Highway 133
Hotchkiss, CO 81419

June through September 1, 2009:
P.O. Box 2510
Crested Butte, CO 81224

September 5, 2009 through May, 2010:
3304 Gumwood Drive
Hyattsville, MD 20783

Teaching Schedule 2009-2010:

January 10-12, Orlando, Florida workshop: Opposites Attract for the Weavers Guild of Orlando

January 14-16, Sarasota, Florida workshop: The Big Twill and a Saturday program for the Manasota Weavers Guild. There is still space in this workshop.

February 18-20, Denver, Colorado workshop for members of three study groups, Design with Textures

April 25, London, England! program for the London guild: Dyed Warp and Interesting (Not Plain) Weaves.

May 2-4, Devon, England Advance!

May 7-9, Devon Opposites Attract, sponsored by the Devon Weaving Workshop and Sue Dwyer.

May 11-12, Chesham, in the Chilterns, UK The Big Twill

May 15-17, Chesham Design with Textures, advanced workshop, sponsored by Wendy Morris and the Chesham Weaving Class.

May 28- June 3, Spokane, WA ANWG conference. Workshop: Loom-controlled Imagery and several seminars.

September 26-7, Indianapolis, IN guild workshop, Advance!

November 5-8, Philadelphia, PA guild program, The Flowing Line, and workshop, Advance!

January 28-31, 2010, Seattle, WA guild program, The Flowing Line, afternoon talk, Dyed Warps and Interesting Weaves, and workshop, Opposites Attract

March, 2010, Boston, MA guild program, The Big Idea, morning seminar on network drafting, and 3-day workshop Opposites Attract

April 17-20, 2010, Denver, CO guild program on woven imagery and workshop, The Big Twill

2007-8 review

In 2007 I taught in Tallahassee, FL, Purcellville, VA, Dayton, OH, Houston, TX, Durango, CO, and Boise, ID. In 2008 I gave two seminars for Complex Weavers in Florida. I gave workshops for guilds in Minnesota, Potomac, MD, Richmond, VA, and the Jockey Hollow guild in NJ.

Teaching highlights from other years:

In 2006, I taught for Convergence and Complex Weavers, at Webs and for guilds in several states. In 2005, I taught in TX, MI, and for 3 conferences: CNCH at Asilomar, NEWS in Andover, MA, and ANWG in Tacoma, WA.

In 2004, I taught for 3 Oregon guilds. The Newark Museum sponsored a 3-day workshop in April. I gave three seminars for Complex Weavers in Boulder in July, and taught in Nashville in November.

In 2003, I visited weavers in Netherlands and Japan, and taught in Virginia, Colorado, Illinois, and California.

In 2002, I gave a guild program in Durban, South Africa and met weavers in Qua-Zulu Natal. I also gave several seminars and four workshops in New Zealand in May, and was the selector (judge) for the National Exhibition at the Creative Fibre Festival.

I started teaching spinning, dyes, and weaving in 1972. I have taught in 8 countries and many states.

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