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Psychokinetic Energy Investigations , formerly Bmore_Ghosts
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At this time there are no current investigations. Please be patient with us. If you need helpwith a haunting in your area click here.

Past Investigations
Here are a few images from individuals we have worked with in the past. click here

pkei.net/bmore_ghosts> Our ode to the professionals..... The Ghostbusters
Click on the links below to hear sound clips from the movie (dialup users, be patient)
Interactive Hauntings Map is your house listed?
We at PKEI.net have taken a lot of time to gather a list of haunted places here in North America. Feel free to brouse through the various states. If you know of a location that is not listed in our database, click here we will add it to the list. If you are a member of a paranormal research group and want to add our macromedia map to your website, click here. We will arrange the details via email and go from there.

Ghost Hunting, Haunted Locations Map

Check out a few of the groups that really know what they are doing (paranormally speaking)

American Association EVP
| Gettysburg Ghosts | Virginia Ghosts | South Jersey Ghost Research



PKEI.net is based out of Baltimore Maryland. We have offices/investigators in Baltimore Maryland and in Northeast/Central Pennsylvania. Tim Kerins (co-owner) runs the Baltimore office and Ken Rathburn (co-owner) runs the Pennsylvania offices. If you need to contact us do so by clicking here We will be in contact within 24 hours. If you have a contact preference (email, telephone etc.) please include that information in your message.

Haunted Webcams
   The USS Lexington
   The Willard Library
   OKCGC/PRG Research Cam
   Haunted U.K. GhostCam
   The Haunted Queen Mary
   Ghost Watchers
   Haunted Diary
   Night Star Cam

The websites/webcams are not affiliated with pkei.net. We are not responsible for their content. Pages display in their own new window.

"Spin the Beetle Guys "

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EMF DETECTORS EMF fields can be generated by ghosts and has been related to haunting activity.
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AUDIO RECORDERS If you want to capture EVP's, you nust have an audio recorder (digital, if possible).
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0 LUX CAMCORDERS 0 LUX basically means that the camera sees in zero light. Infrared lunination may be required if there is no external IR light source.
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