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Ken Rathburn

Tim Kerins

Slimer - doesn't contribute much, but fun to have around


PKEI is dedicated to the investigation of paranormal phenomenon and other unknown terrestrial events. Ken and Tim founded PKEI in 2000 after documenting paranormal activity at a local historic site in Ellicott City, MD.

We have dedicated ourselves to finding out what is behind these sites that are believed to be haunted. We are also researching new ways to gather evidence of such events to determine their source of origin.

We believe that there is much more going on, invisible to the naked eye, then what is already known.

Top 10 Scariest Places
1 - The Myrtles Plantation
2 - Gettysburg
3 - The Tower of London
4 - The Winchester House
5 - The Queen Mary
6 - Lizzie Borden's Home
7 - Edinburgh Castle
8 - Alcatraz
9 - Borley Rectory
10 - The Whaley House
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