Who are we?

Blue Bucket Radio is a legal low power AM & FM Broadcast station operating under Part 15 rules of the Federal Communications Commission without the need of a broadcast license.
We broadcast a talk format provided by various Part 15 stations from the United States, The ALPB and Part 15.us are big contributers.

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Barry the owner operator of Blue Bucket Radio


Weekend Programming: Saturday 12 AM to Sunday 12 PM ET
The Little Things Radio Show, The Low Power Hour,
Big Picture Science,Old Time Radio Shows, Vintage Shortwave Recordings,
The Shortwave Report, Danny Mac Rants and many more.

Attention TVS Cable and all copyright cops, all of our programming carried online under the name The World Service of Blue Bucket Radio has been cleared for broadcast by the respective owners and producers. No copyright infringement is intended nor has it happened. Email your concerns to [email protected]

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Tune in locally on 88.1 FM, 1620 AM or streaming when available.
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Transmitter Room | We are not a pirate radio station yet

KBS41723 - Unofficial Call Sign
CB Radio Channels 20/9 & Channel 20 462.6750 GMRS Emergency/traveler assistance channel (No PL ) Willard/Busy Ky - Hal Rogers Parkway Note: We monitor CB channel 9 and GMRS/FRS Channel 20 during bad weather. Barry and his wife are Certified Skywarn Storm Spotters.  
We also monitor NOAA Weather Radio KIH40 021109 162.475 Mhz and WYMT-TV

Kentucky Dept of Transportation and NWS Road Tip Website
The above link will take you to the K-Dot website where you can check on road conditions before you commute to work or school.



Reef in a sail at the edge of the world
If eternity should fail
Waiting in line for the end of your time
If eternity should fail - Iron Maiden - Book of Souls
Iron Maiden US Tour returns this Summer

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* Station Notes

We are testing out carrier current to increase our coverage area via induction onto the power lines also our FM signal has moved to 88.1 Mhz (fm) to avoid interference to a college station on our previous frequency , 89.7 FM.  WDCl 89.7 FM is a 100 Kilowatt college station from Bowling Green, Ky and is the main hub of Western Kentucky University. 88.1 Fm Status: Off 1620 Am Status:Off

"Did you ever get the feeling that everything in America is
completely fucked up. You know that feeling that the whole country is like one inch
away from saying 'That's it, forget it.' You think about it. Everything is polluted. The
environment, the government, the schools you name it. Speaking of schools. I was
walking the households the other day and I asked myself. Is there life after high school?
Because I can't face tomorrow, let alone a whole year of this shit. Yeah, you got it folks.
It's me again with a little attitude for all you out here and waiting for Atlanta. All you
nice people living in the middle of America the beautiful. Lets see, we're on er 92 FM
tonight and it feels like a nice clean little band so far. No one else is using it. The price is
right. Heh, heh. And yes folks you guessed it. Tonight I am as horny as a ten peckerd hen house,
so stay tuned because this is Happy Harry Hardon reminding you to eat your cereal with a
fork and do your homework in the dark." Happy Harry Hardon - Pump Up The Volume (1990)

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