Mythology in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Sometimes it seems as if all my favorite stories have one thing in common: Myth. Not that all I ever read is mythology...but rather, that the best stories draw on the motifs of mythology and re-present the old myths in a new way. Narnia with its centaurs and dryads...Middle-earth with its elves and dwarves...Steve Lawhead's stories rich in Celtic myth...Star Wars...

Star Wars? What's mythological about that, you ask? (Actually, probably you're not really that surprised - you wouldn't be here unless you recognize, as I do, the mythic motifs in Star Wars. Or else, of course, you're just really curious. :-)

Yes, Star Wars is a great story, fun, exciting...but it's also crammed full of all sorts of mythological motifs. The first time I saw the trilogy, that was what leaped out at me: the hero dressed in white, the damsel in distress, the complicated familial's one huge, bright, quick-tempoed myth. A hero story. A good-conquers-evil story. The stuff of our childhoods...the stuff that defines the world, and ourselves, for us when more rational approaches fail.

The stuff of myth - that's what caught my attention when I first saw Star Wars. That's what has continued to hold my attention about it. So, indirectly, I guess you have folks like Apollo and Freya and King Arthur to thank for the fact that you're reading this web page now. :-)

Join me now on an exploration of the mythic themes of Star Wars...and other, more classical stories in which they are found.

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Heroes of Battle Redemption Father and Son
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Heirs in Hiding Labyrinth Knights Guarding Peace and Justice
And the Hero Wore White... Hands Jedi Disappearing Act

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