Welcome to Kapwa Photography

What is kapwa? I came across this word while researching for my personal cultural presentation for my Social & Cultural Diversity class, and after finding out what it meant, I just fell in love with this word and its concept. Here's what it means:

"Filipino culture is based on the notion of kapwa, a Tagalog word that roughly translates into 'shared being.' In essence, it means that most Filipinos, deep down, do not believe that their own existence is separable from that of the people around them. Everything, from pain to a snack or a joke, is there to be shared. 'The strongest social urge of the Filipino is to connect, to become one with people.'" (cited from on-line article: "Why Filipinos Are Happy")

"A fundamental Filipino cultural concept is kapwa, the unity of 'self' and 'others,' a sense of 'fellow being,' a recognition of shared identity or inner self shared with others. 'Anyone looking for a core concept that would help explain Filipino interpersonal behavior cannot help but be struck by the super ordinate concept of kapwa,' wrote Filipino psychologist Virgilio Enriquez." (cited from Wildflowers Institute: Filipino Community Portrait)

Other connotations:
shared identity ♥ togetherness ♥ fellowship amongst one another ♥ friendship ♥ family
fraternity ♥ kindred ♥ both ♥ fellow-being ♥ equally ♥ unity ♥ neighbor

Sharing... making a connection... becoming one with myself and with others... this is my purpose in life.

In particular, through my photographs, I want to share my glimpse of the world with others. I want to give a sense of who I am through what I have seen. I want to connect with others through my artwork. Thus, I can think of no better word than kapwa to represent my artistic intent.

You see what I see. We are one and the same.

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