Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland
January 27 is Lewis Carroll's Birthday(1832-98).
English author, mathematician, and logician, best known for his creation of the immortal fantasy Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
In 1865 he published  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Its sequel, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, appeared in 1871.

This is a good unit to study telling time and rhymes/riddles. It contains games, math, science, writing, social studies, arts and crafts, and a party at the end.


Melting Snow/Ice-
1.Take snow or ice.
2. Place some in a bowl that is right under a lamp.
3. Some in a bowl that is on a window sill if you are in a cold location. If you are not in a location where it is cold place the bowl in the fridge.
4. Make a chart showing how fast the snow/ice is melting.
5. Then place the data you collected into a graph showing the results.

Social Studies:

Create your own World-
1.Decide what kind of climate your world will have (desert,mountains,plains)
2. Will it have a president or a king and queen.
3. What kind of resources will it have(coal,oil,natural gas, animals,plants)
4. What kind of food will you eat
5. What kind of houses
6. What kind of clothes
7. Design a flag, motto, flower, animal, song

After you have decided on all the elements make a model of your world. You could make a model of it or just write a paper about it.

Telling Time-
1. Make a clock shape from cardstock/posterboard
2. Cut out the hour and minute hands from cardstock/posterboard
3. Take the hour and minute hands and attatch to the clock with a paper fastener
4. Use your clock to study what time you wake up, go to bed, breakfast, lunch, dinner, ect.
5. Make a worksheet with clocks on it without the hands on them and ask the kids to draw the hands on them for the times they wake up and go to bed, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, ect. Have them use the clock to help them.
You could use an old battery operated clock that doesn't work anymore for this activities too.

Math Riddles-
1. Write different math riddles for the kids to solve.
2. Ex- What has four legs, two eyes, one long tongue and goes croak?  Ans. Frog
Then you could ask- If you had 2 frogs, how many legs, eyes, tongues would you have?


The Queen's Croquet-
You will need-
kid's golf set (clubs and balls)
cardstock or posterboard white and pink
1. Cut 6 or 7 rectangles 4"x11" from the white paper
2. Fold them in half
3. Draw and color playing card designs on the front and back of the rectangles
4. Cut out a flamingo heads from the pink paper and attatch to the clubs
5. Set up the playing cards and play Queen's Croquet

Match the cup to the teapot-
1. Make teapots and cups from paper
2. Write questions and answers, capital and lowercase letters, colors, ect. On the teapots and the cups and match them up.

Alice in Wonderland Boardgame-
You will need-
1. Something to make the board
(old boardgame covered with contact
paper, posterboard, calendar page)
2. plastic or clay people for the pieces
3. question cards you make yourself
4. Make a spinner or use a die
5. Draw the board and place the ? on the board to use the question cards. Also place pitfalls and rewards. Ex: You got caught by tweedle dee and tweedle dum and have to go back 2 spaces.
Start would be the rabbit hole and finish would be Alice's house.
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