February / Groundhog's Day / Laura Ingalls Wilder
Februry is American Heart Month, Afro-American History Month, National Children's Dental Health Month.  The first full week is National New Idea Week.
President's Day is the third Monday.
Laura Ingalls Wilder:

Wrote heartwarming family stories about life on the American frontier, the Little House books. She was born Feb. 7, 1867.
These are great for history.
Groundhog's Day:

Every February 2 everyone waits with bated breath to see if the shy, reclusive animal sees his shadow or not. If he doesn't we are supposed to have an early spring(yeah) if he does 6 more weeks of winter(boo).
But it is fair enough to say that there will be 6 more weeks because that is the official start of spring March 20-21.

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