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Here fishy fishy! Angela in search of the big one that won't get away! July 2000.
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Enjoying ourselves on our wedding day. July 31, 1999.
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Annie Wright Seminary, Tacoma, Washington.

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Not to be outdone by his wife, Mike gets ready to catch a few fish too!! July 2000.
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Mountains, mountains, everywhere...but not enough time to climb! Sigh...

Angela and Mike Sarmiento's Personal Site

We'll add content, photos and links as we build our site. For now, enjoy, then come back later and check for updates!


Well, he's not so much a puppy anymore. McKenzie (Kenzie for short) is now 19 months (as of December 2004) and already weighs over 86+ lbs. and stands over 27 inches tall. We found a great golden retriever breeder and brought home a male puppy in July 2003! The puppies were born on Wednesday, May 21, 2003. We named him McKenzie's Golden Boy. McKenzie after the McKenzie River in Oregon, because that is where Angela and Mike were traveling to for a fly fishing trip when they first met Kenzie in Mt. Shasta City while he was only 6 weeks old. Golden because he is a dark red gold and his mother and father both have Gold in their names, and Boy since for all the other males in his litter were known as either Red Boy, Blue Boy, Purple Boy or Green Boy, but since Kenzie did not have a colored collar (or any collar for that point) as he died at birth (the breeder conducted CPR on him and rescusitated him) and they weren't sure he would survive, no collar was given to Kenzie. So he was just known as "Boy". Mike is busy training him for AKC field trials. Already, Kenzie is up to triple retreives, and is on his way to working on blind retrieves. He loves the water, has a great disposition, and is a great example of the working dog breed. We absolutely love him like our own son and feel very fortunate to have him as part of our family.


Well...actually, it's not so new. But we did buy our our first home in June 2001! We live in the Park North neighborhood of San Francisco! Yippee! It's a Victorian that was built around 1898 and it still has many of the fine details of that era. Hardwood floors. Wainscotting. Eleven foot high ceilings with center room medallions. We have been busy turning it into our 'Home Sweet Home.' We have updated the photo tour with newer photos showing some of the remodeling progress! We finally finished the remodel and will post new photos when available. But of course, a home is never really finished, so we will have more projects to make this 'Home Sweet Home'.

While waiting for escrow to close, we had to use up a few vacation days that we originally planned to use fixing up the house. So off we went to Canada!


It's unbelievable, but after four+ years of marriage we are still in the honeymoon stage - and we never plan to leave it! Check out our wedding photos!

Work it, baby!

Mike left Fresh Latitudes (formerly World Wrapps) in May 2000 to take a position with the Big 4 accounting firm Ernst & Young. Instead of managing FL's financial controls, he is now providing attestation and audit services to many clients! Mike started in the Palo Alto office, located in ground zero of Silicon Valley. His clients included both public and private companies in the technology, communications, and biotechnolgy sectors. Mike tranferred in October 2002 to the San Francisco office, and Mike's clients now also include Real Estate companies.

EY is also paid for all costs associated with Mike's pursuit of a Master of Science in Accountancy degree at the University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!). He finished up his studies in Southbend, Indiana, and graduated in August, 2001, with Magna Cum Laude honors! After earning his MSA, Mike began studying to pass the CPA examination.

Yipeee!! Angela was promoted to Senior Analyst at her company, Minneapolis based Dain Rauscher Wessels, an investment bank, which was eventually bought by Royal Bank Of Canada and is now known as RBC Capital Markets. She finished her third year with the company and managed the analyst pool. Since the market was quiet, Angela continued to develop and market her own interior design, lifestyle consulting, and construction project & remodel management business, operating as :

Marrakech Designs

- Design, Create, Live -

In 2002, Angela and Marrakech Designs won their first client, a remodel of a five bedroom, five bath, 3,600 sq. foot home in an eight-story brownstone building built in the 1920's-30's. The home takes up the entire 7th floor of the building and has 360 degree views of San Francisco from Pacific Heights. Marrakech Designs also eventually won clients in the same building, and worked on the interior design and project management for the Lobby, 5th Floor, 7th Floor, and 8th Floor/Penthouse Suite of the building.

Angela and MKD have also completed a 6,000 sq. foot remodel in Kentfield, CA (Marin County), a kitchen remodel and deck rebuild in Tiburon, CA, a full design and remodel of a pied-de-terre in San Francisco, and an architecturally detailed cabinetry in Sonoma, CA. She is currently working on a 6,000 sq. foot reconstruction of a Tuscan style villa in Santa Rosa, CA, a bathroom remodel in Mill Valley, CA, and another pied-de-terre remodel in San Francisco. As you can see, she and MKD are very busy! So look out for Angela and MKD in a future issue of Veranda, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, etc...It just may happen!

Midway through Mikes' first summer at ND, we took a trip together in Oregon during July 2001 for a little fly fishing (see the pics above). After Mike finished his first summer, we took a trip to Europe and visited our friends Pablo and Olga in Madrid and Christina and Adrian in London. We had a great time traveling abroad. In the spring of 2001, Pablo and Olga stayed with us for two months while Pablo finished up a research project at UC Berkeley. They returned to Spain in May 2001 and we miss them dearly. But we may head back to Spain in a few years with the Ernst & Young Global Exchange Program! Mike can participate in a two year transfer to the Madrid office and we can enjoy Europe and Pablo and Olga's company!

Mike and Angela have been busy ever since enjoying life and completing the remodeling of their Victorian!


Come to a Wemyss or Sarmiento dinner and you'll be shocked at how much noise we can generate during a meal. Although we may be in different parts of the world, we still stay connected.

Africa & Community Service

The land where Angela was born and where Mike served in the Peace Corps. Come visit a part of our history! When Mike returned from Africa, he served in the Volunteer In Service To America program as a Small Business Consultant & Resource Developer.

Outdoor Links

Mike is the El Presidente Emeritus of an informal outdoor club called CONFUSED (Commonwealth Of Nature Fanatics - Unofficial San Francisco Excursion Division). We have over 500 members and organize a number of outdoor activities every weekend. If you live in the SF Bay Area and love the outdoors, this is the club for you! Check it out!


We have many friends who share our passion for a good photo. Here are a few.


We enjoy a good meal. As San Francisco residents, the dining capital of the world, we of course have to recommend a few of our favorites!

Fly Fishing

Since Mike was a wee lad, he fished with his father and brothers. Mike was an avid fly fisher long before he took up all other outdoor hobbies.

In fact, it was fly fishing that lead Mike to back packing, then mountaineering, then rock and ice it is only fitting that Mike & Angela began to fall in love with one another on a fly fishing trip!


Mike enjoys "the art of suffering", but still has not been able to convince Angela to take up the sport...errr...stupidity?! Ha!

Mike's Short Stories

Mike isn't just a stuffy public accountant! He loves to adventure in the outdoors. He has written a number of short stories that are worth reading. Check them out!

Come visit us again later! We update whenever we have time!

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