I am madly in love with flying model airplanes. I am very interested in the visual effect they have, in flight and on the ground. I see them as a very dynamic form of sculpture that is constantly changing its orientation and movement, reacting to air currents and catching the light of the sun.

Here are a few of the airplanes I've built. I'm constantly putting up more pictures as I build more airplanes, so check back here often. And if you'd like a free plan for any of the planes that I designed, just ask! Email me at [email protected].

Models of real airplanes:
pistachio scale (8" span or less)
larger (16" - 30")
radio-controlled planes
airplanes for indoor flying
rubber-powered sport planes
HLG, CLG, and towline gliders

my particular areas of interest within flying model airplanes include:
1) Pistachio scale
2) Kits and designs that use exotic materials (basswood, bamboo, foam, plastic, cloth, mylar, aluminum, etc.)
3) HLG's with built-up wings
4) Kits and plans in foreign languages
5) Books about this wonderful hobby
6) Model airplanes as visual and performance art

* postal contests I am hosting

* my friends' airplanes

* about me

* I build plastic models, too

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