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Updated: 14-Jun-07

History of Canberra and district

About Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory

The weather forecast




Travel within Canberra relies greatly on personal transport, mostly the private car. However the bus service (ACTION) is pretty good and is quite economical. Also there is a small network of cycle paths, which make safe and scenic travel a pleasure on a bicycle. There is one railway terminal at Kingston, with connections via Queanbeyan and Goulburn to Sydney or Melbourne. There is one airport, which is serviced by Qantas, Virgin Blue and Regional Express (Rex) and a number of regional air services.



Charities and Benevolent Institutions

Restaurants, Food


Mass Communications and Entertainment Media

(ie. Newspapers, radio and TV)
  • 2XX on 98.3 MHz FM "a people powered radio station" - community based, has a legendary jazz program on Sunday nights, many of Canberra's ethnic and social groups have broadcast slots on 2XX FM - subscribe if you listen
  • ArtSound FM on 92.7 (Black Mt) and 90.3 (Tuggeranong) - community based - plays local music, live broadcasts from concerts and festivals, plenty of jazz (thanks Chris) - subscribe if you listen
  • 2CN 666 Canberra's local ABC radio station
  • The national broadcaster ABC also has Radio National on 2RN 846, ABC Classic FM on 102.3 and Triple J youth network on 101.5 MHz
  • FM104.7 Canberra
  • Mix 106.3
  • 2CA 1053
  • 2CC 1206 Talk radio, with much of the talk originating elsewhere
  • Radio Print Handicapped 1PHR broadcasts on 1125 kHz
  • The Newsradio network is on FM 103.9 from Black Mtn and 99.9 Tuggeranong and on the web. This expanding network used to be called Parliamentary News Network. When Parliament is sitting it has to transmit proceedings from Parliament, either the House of Representatives or the Senate. At other times of the year and day it transmits continuous news service, including material from European broadcasters and National Public Radio from the US. Its web coverage is the news service, whether Parliament is sitting or not.
  • SBS Radio is on 105.5
  • Canberra Times Canberra's daily newspaper
  • Chronicle - a weekly free local newspaper from the Canberra Times with separate editions for Northside and Southside.
  • Canberra Independent Music Newswire
  • Valley View - a local weekly newspaper
  • Community Access TV
  • TV channels available in Canberra are:
    • ABC TV - VHF 9, UHF 55 Woden, 60 Tuggeranong
    • SBS TV UHF 28 or 54 Tuggeranong, 58 Woden
    • Prime TV - UHF 34 or 64 Woden, 69 Tuggeranong
    • WIN TV - UHF 31 or 61 Woden, 66 Tuggeranong
    • Ten Capital - VHF 7 or 10, Woden, UHF 63 Tuggeranong
  • Other radio stations you may hear in Canberra include 97.7 Sno-FM from the Cooma/Snowy Mountains area, 93.5 Eagle FM from Goulburn as well as various ABC and TripleJ stations.

Clubs and Associations


Animals, Birds, Pets




Skilled Games

Maths, Science and Technology Associations

Social and other Clubs

Entertainment, Music, Events

Music and Theatre

Music: Canberra Bands and Groups

Professional Associations

Social Issues

  • ACT Right to Life Association a "non-denominational, non-party political, voluntary community organisation established in 1972 to support the right to life of every human being from conception to natural death"

Community Organisations


Hobbies and Interests

  • A.C.T. Skywatch Homepage: A guide to what's happening in A.C.T. skies. Includes star charts, weekly planet visibility information etc

Educational Institutions and services

Organisations within institutions




Fitness - General

Females in Training is an association that allows women, of all abilities, to enjoy safe, non-competitive training in a supportive atmosphere.



Snow Sports

Sporting Organisations

Ball Sports

Other ball sports

Sailing, Boats, Rowing

Swimming Clubs

Scuba Diving


Equestrian Sports

Road Sports

Sports for Disabled Players

Other sporting activities


Canberra Business: Selected Commerce and Business Links

Canberra Business: Information Technology and Management Consulting

Real Estate

    Allhomes is a popular real estate site in Canberra and is a "must-have" for vendors





Embassies and Foreign Missions

Selected Government

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