My personal data can be resumed this way: I am a romanian system engineer and software developer born in 1978, concerned with computers since the age of the ZX Spectrum and, by now, a reasonably skilled C++ programmer that also toys with Java.

My interest in Operating Systems, hardware optimisation and logical disk storage systems lead me to developing a disk defragmenting tool and then a benchmarking utility, both useful to people who want to know more a be a little bit more in control of their PC.

It is at the Polytechnical University of Bucharest, Computing Systems Engineering section where I started to document about and work with file systems. And though the university classes times have passed, I continued to finalize the work began at DefragNT; very probably, I will preoccupy myself with this utility some more time to go.

Andrei Gaceff.

You are invited to contact me, concerning the software presented here, at [email protected]



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