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DefragNT - presents the user with many options for disk defragmenting (including various file sorting criterias) and many informations about the opened partition. It is a visual-rich tool which will even allow you moving a specific portion of a specific file to a specific location.

Beginning with version 1.9.0, DefragNT supports Unicode file names.

DefragNT is freeware.

Currently available:

version 1.9 (March 2004)

version 1.6 (January 2004)

version 1.5 (December 2003)

version 1.1 (November 2003)

In-depth description can be read here.

Compatibility: Only OS-es built on the NT kernel newer than 3.5 are supported. FAT partition support for Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP and newer; NTFS partitions supported only beginning with Windows XP.

The name of this utility might change to DefragXP.

Data safety: File cluster moving is handled exclusively by the NT operating system; DefragNT does not install a custom NT service nor communicate directly with the disk drive. DefragNT is very data-safe.

For future versions I have the followings in mind:

- performance improvements of the main, "clean" defragmenting algorithm (at the expense of system memory, probably);

- implementation of some more algorithms, for example for fast defragmenting/consolidating disk free space;

- improved disk and files status report;

- implementing the possibility of defragmenting simultaneously 2 or more partitions found on different phisical drives.

Contact me at [email protected] for anything related to DefragNT.



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