Artist(s) Title Format Info Price
Split Tape (Demonic Orgy, Intestinal Disgorge, Abosranie Bogom, Slough) 4 Way Regurgitation tape Total Grind/Gore/Noise/Shit tape featuring the sickest bands on earth!!! 3$
Split Tape (Demonic Orgy, Infected Pussy, Anal Birth, Dysmenorrheic Haemorrage, Uterus, Kevin Evanachko) 6 Way Mutilation tape More sickness with more bands!! Brutal Goregrind assault!!! 3$
Split Tape (Sapphist/Intumescence /Ilbred/Gynophagia/PIV/Similing Decapitated Head) 6 Way Split tape Great split tape from My Lai productions, featuring some cool death/goregrind/noise bands!! 3$
Afterblast Rectal Desaster tape Good goregrind from Germany in the vein of Gut!! 3$
Agathocles Use Your Anger tape Old stuff from this legendary mince-core freaks!! 3$
Anal Gore Demo 01 tape Sick goregrind from Italy in the vein of Regurgitate and Gut!! 3$
Anticipate Abstract Brutality tape The name says it all! Brutal grindcore from Poland! 3 $
Astrum/Stress Related Split Tape tape Kick ass brutal computer cybergrind from both bands!! Original grindcore! 3$
Atavism Crawing for Flesh tape Brutal death/grind attack from Greece inthe vein of Mortician 3$
Battle Of Disarm Take Action! tape Raw Crust/Punk 3$
Bloody Gore Stench Of Your Perversions tape The all-time best Indonesian band!! Total vocal sickness!! Total grind madness in the vein of Suffocation and Deeds of Flesh!! 3$
Bodies Lay Broken E.E.E.E.E tape One of the bes of sick&true goregrind USA has to offer.You must get this now!!! 3$
Biolich demo 2001 tape Crushing brutal death/grind from USA! 3$
Bonded Flesh demo tape tape A side project of Adam Rotella of mighty Anal Birth. Same style gore/noise/sewage, but only more disturbed!! 3 $
Carcass Grinder reh. tape #4 tape 4 tracks of grindcore from Japan. Special price 1.5 $
Carcass Grinder/Intestinal Disease split tape tape Crushing grindcore split 3$
Crushing Organ/Defleshed By Flies/Biolich 3 Way split tape tape 3 ways to get fucked with intense and brutal gore/death/grind!! 3$
Dahmer/Dierrhea Mentale/Carcass Grinder 3 way split No words about this. One of the greatest grindcore split tapes I have! A must!! 3$
Damage Digital/Bastarbation Split Tape tape Total grindcore and harsh noise assault from....? Japan of course!!! 3$
Dead Infection A Chapter Of Accidents tape A bootleg from Proctophobia Records, a new tape edition of this all time goregrind classic!! 3 $
Decay Gutting tape Sick Finnish death/grind in the vein of Mortician, Sepsisim... 3$
decay/abosranie bogom Split tape tape Cool death/goregrind split from two shit & gore obsessed bands 3$
DH/SMSB split tape tape The best of these programmed violence! This is total grind! 3 $
DH/Gynophagia split tape tape Great goregrind and porn split with two of the sickest and fastest acts from USA. 3 $
Discontrol Discograpy tape One of the best hc/crust bands ever. Featuring their various studio + live material. You must have this!! 3$
Disgorged Foetus Degradation of The Lymphatic Tissue tape Ultra brutal death/gore/grind carnage from France! 3$
Dismembered Fetus Generation Of Hate tape Total blasting hategrind from USA! One of the best grindnoise acts of all time! This is a total must for all freaks! 3$
Disrupt Live Twice tape Superb clean live performance from this crust legend!!! 3$
Disrupt - Smash Divisions w/Comrades Split tape tape A legendery gig given by the crust and grind masters in Italy 3$
Drain Of Impurity/Stench Of Necropsy Split Tape tape Sick Death/Grind!!! 3$
Drain Of Impurity/Cranitripsy Split Tape tape Sick Death/Grind!!! 3$
Embodied Grief Demo tape Cool brutal death metal from Germany!! 3$
Enemy Soil/Supression/Mrtva Budoucnost Split Live Tape tape Enemy Soil from U.S.A. kicks ass featuring their older stuff!! Other bands are also cool with their live performance! Total Grindcore insanity!! 3$
Equilibrium Too Many Human tape Great brutal dark death metal!! Very evil!! 3$
Feasting Blood Deathfucked and murdered world tape Sadistic old school brutal grindcore from Germany !!! 3$
Festering Puke Cheese Weez tape Most noisy noisecore you'll ever hear, 37 tracks!! 3$
FFFFF/Rapist w/n Penis split tape tape This is original man! Pop/gore/grind/noise vs dirtiest porngrind! Cult item! 3 $
Flatuation Autopsy d'une intoxication au chilli can carne tape Fast and technical death/grind. Really brutal vocals accompanied by programmed drums, from France. 3$
Goreopsy Intentional Disfiguration tape Drum machine driven brutal and gory death/grind!! Slovakia's new gore sickness!! 3$
Gorestench Stench of The Dead tape Primitive gore attack, brutal goredeath/grind!! 3$
Gross Breast fed by a girl that's dead tape Filthy and rotted noise/grind. Cool stuff 3 $
Gynophagia Gash Gobblers tape Cyber gorergrind at it's best!! Something like SMES, Microphallus, killer stuff!! 3 $
Holy Whores Godless Church Core tape speedtrash/grindcore!! Total anti-christ grind band!! Slayer meets Demonic Orgy!!! 3$
Imperial Foeticide Earliar Unknown World tape Brutal Czech Grindcore!! A Must from one of the best bands in the genre!! 3$
Ingrowing/Contrastic Split Tape tape Two of the best czech bands of grindcore scene!! A must!! 3$
International Noise Propaganda (Napalmed, Analscope Rectal Speculum, Stress Related, Beer Vomit) 4 Way Split Tape tape Featuring the noisiest crazy grindcore/noise bands around the world. You should get it if you're a noise freak!! 3$
Malignant Tumour Killing For Profit tape Brutal mince-core in the vein of Agathocles!! This is the old goregrind band 3$
Malignant Tumour/Neuropathia Split Tape tape Great goregrind sickness from these cult bands!! A Must!! 3$
Mental Degenration Unit demo tape tape Good old effort from these french grind/noise maniacs!! 3$
Mixotomasis demo tape tape One of the best goregrind bands ever! Absolute gory assault! Have this now! 3 $
Morbifik Gradually Killed In Torture tape Very cool gory death/grind!! For freaks!! Sold out
Mrtva Budoucnost/Dislike Split Tape tape Great Czech crust/grind! 3$
Misogynist Pussyslasher Sick Murder Fuck tape Disgustingly sick and depraved porn/goregrind 3$
NCC/Hatredsurge Split Tape tape This legendary original grindcore bands now in stock!! NCC: original and brutal grind assault. HS: Computerized intense grindcore with no vocals! Weird! 3$
Rot Live in Londrina tape Cool live performance from this legendary brasilian grindcore band!!! 3$
Rot/Voltifobia split tape tape Great grindcore split!! 3$
Rott-Fish/Cemiyette Pishiyorum Split Tape tape The weirdest and noisiest pop/grind/noise vs anarcho pop/ska!! You must have this!! 3$
Rott Fish/Hermit Be Proud of your Mutant Son split tape tape Craziness in grind/noise/rock style from R.F.Gods of manual noise Hermit Delivers 3 Songs of DIY and cheap Noise.Weird sound attack! 3$
Rotthathron Neo/Gross split tape tape Gore/noise/sewage shit. Filthy noise for your ears! 3 $
Sapik Inek Smells Like Teen Pussy tape Psychodelic porngrind from Turkey. Sick and Grinding 3$
Skullkrusher Deathsquad tape Ass ripping punk/hc/crust. Very fast and cool stuff!! 3$
Suppository/Process Terror Split Tape tape Total madness in grindcore!! Cult Dutch bands in one split! You must have it! 3$
Stress Related Fucking Audio Destruction tape Cult project of Magnus PNP (rip). Cyber and electronic audio termination! 3 $
Terrible Noise Shit Humanity? tape Harsh cybergrind, total insanity!! 3$
The Bitch Project demo tape Most disturbed and sleazy pornogrind for this year! 15 songs of porngrind attack! 3$
Twisted Truth You Makes Me A Cow?! tape One of the finest czech grindcore bands!! 3$
S.M.E.S./Fuck The Facts split tape tape Cybergore vs pissed off crust/grind. From USA. 3$
Ulcerrhoea Fetus Sanginolentus 3rd Demo tape Sick, sick, sick!! Total perversion in the vein of GUT! 3$
Unholy Grave/Desecration Split Tape tape Legendary Japanese grindcore pioneers, their older stuff, but still raw and Brutal!!! 3$
Unseen Terror Human Error tape Another bootleg from Proctophobia Records, another classic of grindcore! Rumored to be the first grindcore band ever!! 3 $
Various Artists 1000 DB Ultrahavoc Comp Tape tape Featuring the best crust, grind, powerviolence bands in underground. Released from the best German label : Putrid Nausea!! 3$

Various Artists

The Filth Of This World Is A Human Filth tape 9 Way Compliation with bands: Cornucopia(Ger), Rot(Bra), Deadly Intention (Cze), Squash Bowels(Pol), Senseless(Cro), Dahmer(Can), Malignant Tumour(Cze), Voltifobia(Jap), Abstain(U.S.A.): One of the best undergroung grind bands!! A Must!! 2$


Last Days Of Humanity/Stoma Split CD CD Great goregrind split straight from Holland!! SOLD OUT
Anarchus/CSSO Split CD CD Live performance form both original grind masters! SOLD OUT
Anal Penetration Conquering The Rectum Demo CD CD Insane porngrind from Holland! SOLD OUT
Anal Penetration/Blown To Bits Split CD CD More porngrind from Holland. Faster and sicker than their demo CD-R SOLD OUT
Gross Breast Fed by a Girl That's Dead CD Sick and depraved, porngornoisegrind for 84 songs!! 6$
Gross Slimy Secrets of Cut-Open Organs CD Even more porngorenoisegrind madness. 77 songs!! 6$
Gross Black Market Body Parts CD Even more and more porngorenoisegrind insanity. 66 songs!! 6$
Johor Hardcore Compliation Compilation CD CD Great punk/hc/crust/grind bands from Johor/Malaysia! Great stuff. SOLD OUT
4-Way Voice Of The Voiceless Crust Split (Man In the Shadow, @pathia-No, Red Kedge, Autonomia) Split CD CD Superb punk/crust split. SOLD OUT
Extreme Response Compilation Compilation CD CD Hardcore/Grindcore/Crust bands like Dropdead, Mastic Scum, Uncurbed, Recharge, Yacoapsae, Kafka,TFD,Lifelock, Rott-Fish, Entrails Massacre, Warcollapse, Cause for Effect... 37 Tracks. from Extreme Response Prods. 6 $
Maggots Zombies from the Hood CD Brutal kick ass Death/Grind ..Gory and Sick 9 $


Intense Hammer Rage Avagoyamugs CD Aussie Grind in it's best!! Blasting gory death/grind! One of the best gore bands in the scene!! SOLD OUT
Machetazo Carne De Cemetario CD Spanish goregrind with super sick vocals and mad drums!! Goregrind in the vein of Haemorrhage and good old CARCASS!! SOLD OUT


Anal Whore/Gonorrheaction Split 10" 10" Perverse goreporn/grind from the sick masters!!! 7$



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