Letters to Friends

    Some time in the summer of 1999, I started feeling a bit depressed, agonizing over the stress of constantly having to hide a part of myself from all those around me, especially those I care for and those who care about me. Eventually I got to the point where I just couldn’t bear it anymore; I had to tell somebody. I could no longer keep my life a secret; I had to tell everybody. So I wrote a letter. The letter kept getting postponed longer and longer until it finally got insanely close to the day I had to leave for boot camp and would therefore be cut off from the world for two months, so I finally sent it.

    Months later, in late January, out of boot camp, I was (and still am) out on my own, and I finally had access to the Internet again, so I decided to write another letter, with an update on my situation. Here I present those two letters, and my response to one person who decided to respond.

The first letter, sent on August 14, 1999
The second letter, sent on February 9, 2000
A friend's response, and what I had to say to him on April 9, 2000

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