Chen Nianlian

(Yinchuan Municipal Hospital of TCM, Ningxia)

The 34 cases of tuberculosis of this group were all diagnosed and provided help in their following-up by the TB Section of Yinchuan Municipal People's Hospital. Of them, 9 were of pulmonary, 3 of hilar nodes, 17 of extrapulmonary lymph nodes, 3 of peritoneal, one of sternum and another case of chest wali. Duration of the disease ranged from half an year to more than 30 years. The longest lime for treatment was two years, and the shortest time was three months. Twenty-seven cases had stopped treatment, 24 of them claimed cured and 3 effective. Seven patients are still under treatment. The rate of effectiveness was 100%, and the curative rate was 89%.

Selection of points:

Quchi, Shenmen, TianJing, Zusanli, Hegu, Zulinqi, Zoujian, Bailao and Luozhai. Luozhai was the point with specially good effect discovered by me.

Method of Treatment:

The points Shenmen, Juegu and Bailao should be needled before moxibustion. Luozhai and Zoujian should have moxibustion only. Needling without moxibustion for all the other points.

Special Management:

Moxibuslion could only be made with a piece of garlic on the surface of a point in treating those lymphadenopathy with some success. Those which were ulcerated should have moxibustion with moxa mixed with realgar on a piece of cake made of radix aconiti powder and saliva on the point. We used to apply a piece of gauze dipped in 25% concentrated saline on the proliferated granular tissue so as to inhibit its growth. There used to have no scar left after curing.


It has been proved clinically that the points Shenmen and Juegu have the function of relieving inflammation and expectoration, so as to produce analgesic effect and decrease swelling. Luozhai possesses the effect of relieving internal heat, detoxication and reduction of sweating, so it is a determinant factor in the radical curing of tuberculosis. Zoujian and Tianjing have the effect of moistening lungs and nourishing for vitality, and so they have the expected effect in relieving hectic fever. The point Bailao has the effect of circulating the vital energy and removing expectoration; it also has the analgesic function and dispelling abdominal lump. Zusanii, Quchi and Zulinqi have some nourishing effect as to soothe the liver and to activate the stomach activity so as to improve one's appetite,

The points mentioned above should all be used in treatment in order to achieve the best effect. Patients were asked to stop medication while receiving acupuncture treatment. Of course, there were some relapses in the course of treatment in some patients, but there used to have progress after every relapse.




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