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History, Yin - Yang, Five elements, Zang - Fu organs, Meridians & Collaterals, Acupoints, Qi, Blood, Body Fluid

Etiology & Pathogenesis, Diagnostic methods, Differentation of Syndromes

Regulation of Yin and Yang, Body Resistance, Pathogenic Factors, Primary and Secondary, Prevention, Individual conditions, Theraputic methods, Acupuncture prescription, Specific points
Filiform needle, Cutaneous needle, Intradermal needle, Three - edged needle, Acupuncture prescriptions, Acupuncture analgesia

Moxibustion, The Process and Volume, Contraindications, Management After Moxibustion, Functions of Moxibustion, Materials, Moxa Sticks, Moxa Cone

Cupping - Types of Jars, Indications, Manipulations, Precautions

Oriental massage - Theraputic areas, Technique, Point massage, Motion, Postisometric relaxation

Diagnostic and theraputic tecniques in myofascial syndromes, articular pain and backbone segment blockade

Laser acupuncture, Indications, technique, equipment, doses, papers, clinical trials

Ear acupuncture History, Examination Methods, Precautions, Ear, anatomical landmarks, Ear Points map, Manipulation Methods, Prescriptions

Location of acupoints

DOS freeware for Study and Therapy in Acupuncture that can be used under Windows

Pain maps. Pain syndromes and available theraputic techiques





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