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Original absmc contributions
  1 - How To Request And Use Reposted Segments
  2 - Scanning CD jewel case inserts
  3 - The c't cross examinition test of Mp3 vs CD (English translation!)
  4 - VBR-encoding FAQ
  5 - Mp3 Gaps - avoiding them and repairing them
  6 - yEnc FAQ
7 - Ogg FAQ
  8 - Links
  9 - The beginners guide to preferred (free) software


Official FAQ

The official Mp3 FAQ



Transferring LPs to CDR: Some Advice - swapping black to silver Ripping, encoding

The Lame Project encoding mp3's

The Coaster Factory source for CD-R(W) information

Xorys' MP3 FAQ - not the official FAQ - the yEncoder/yDecoder for Usenet

The beginners guide to preferred (free) software

The software listed below is a selection based on preferences of users of Generally, this software offers the best quality in combination with the lowest cost (usually free). If you are new to mp3 and usenet, it is a good idea to install these programs installed on your PC and use them.


Lame downloading Lame 3.92 (.exe and.dll) (alternative download)

RazorLame front-end for Lame

Ogg Encoders for making ogg files


Mp3 renamers

Mp3Ext tagging mp3's (best)

ID3Master renaming mp3's (ok)

MP3Renamer removing underscores from filenames (handy)


Exact Audio Copy (EAC) ripping CD's

News Clients

XNews usenet reader

PowerPost usenet poster

Mp3 Players

WinAmp playing mp3's

Ogg plugin for WinAmp 2.x for playing .ogg files

PostAssistant making .nfo and .sfv files

QuickSFV checking your download using .sfv files

EncSpot finding out what mp3 encoder was used for a particular mp3 file


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