haplogroup K (mtDNA) and R1b (yDNA) on Alpenland and Altaitalia Hinterland (AAH) like all-cisalpine hinterland genetic root of the indigenous alpine montagnards and cisalpine peoples like all-aboriginals only ( page established February 13th 2008 - revised August 6th 2012 - links upated on april 3rd 2014 for isogg and mitomap databases ) www.alpenlander.eu and www.mailander.eu ( www.similaun.eu provisional homepage ) our emails updated on 28 june 2014

Alpenland ad Altaitalia hinterland
all Cisalpina hinterland: the Cisalpini's Ancestral Territory

the Alpenland and Altaitalia Hinterland (AAH) alike all-cisalpina hinterland is home
for all indigenous alpine montagnards and aboriginals cisalpine peoples (the
Liguri, Laepontini, Raeti, Carni, Histri, Veneti, Lumbards, etc. as ancient Roman explorers called them all) linking their ancient roots deep beyond the so-called "prehistoric Raetic horizon" deep into origins of haplogroup K (mtDNA) and R1b (yDNA) as well .....and dating beyond the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) well before 30.000 years ago (50/60.000 by haplogroup K itself) well ahead of Villanoviana era and deep to Aurignaziana and Villafranchiana eras..... all dwelling on entire alpine hinterland overlapping it and spanning from the Luni stones near the Ligurian sea to Rhone river delta to Rhine gates to Danube springs to Drava river and the Po valley down to Adriatic seashore and islands

all aboriginals only.....
since the origin of this (our) ancestral territory and
now by the romance language overall

today we holds into all female mitochondria the same K-haplogroup again: nobody changed it since

our Ancestral Territory

Cisalpine Aboriginals are indigenous peoples under art.1/C169 Covenant provisions (1989) dwelling on Cisalpina hinterland since origins of this territory..... that is true for all Aboriginals everywhere

the Covenant recognize the Right to be forever indigenous if you are indigenous..... but early some of the participant States pointed out that on their (!?) territory there are not indigenous peoples..... and so implicitly saying that States are aliens on those same territories (of course)

a rightful respect for Peoples of the Place and thus for Aboriginals (all over the World) ask to implement this Unwritten (so everlasting) Law on our entire Alpine/Cisalpine hinterland too.

in this beautiful geographical map of " Terrain Europe " you see that over Alpine hinterland (spanning by the Po and Rhone to Danube and Drava rivers) there is a name only marking or describing "people" if you care: that is Plain of Lombardy and..... no other people names appear whithin one thousand miles .....please note in the wider area map what a distance are names like Bohemia Hungarian Grecian Italian Iberian and France

this map edited by William Shepherd in 1911 and 1923-26 is
archived at Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection via Texas University Library
http://www.lib.utexas.edu in
the historical section
http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/historical/ and
by maps of W. Shepherd
http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/historical/shepherd/ at
his http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/historical/shepherd/europe_w_asia_n_africa.jpg electronic address

[ this entire map is on our BASIC PROTOCOL ]


our pages are for those who are searching their ancestors
on this cisalpine hinterland

.....commencing from books and documents by prof. Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza with Paolo Menozzi and Alberto Piazza and many others like Bryan Sykes and Maureen Raymo and Lorraine Lisiecki and Cesare Emiliani and Colin Renfrew (with Robert and Berdine Ardrey of course) describing the state-of-art in the genetic distance and prehistoric geography at first

and deeping on cisalpine genealogy next

(these 3 page-links will be activated soon)

( Time )

the haplogroup K mtDNA (like others) is today the same haplogroup of its origins because during 50/60.000 years the natural selection has duplicated it unchanged: if not clustering itself by various haplotypes that have not changed this "K" at all..... as is typical by the natural selection through the classical mendelian law as well if you care

so the genetic distance by indigenous or aboriginals ever living on alpenland and altaitalia hinterland measured in today's genetic tests (spanning 120 alleles and over) reveal the same persistent configuration through 60.000 years because we are a typical mendelian population here.....

even if before and after the fall of Rome (year 378 or 476 maybe) aliens try to command us and our land using dull and bloody methods that peoples well educated do not use

notwithstanding these aliens we are today who we was yesterday because genetic distance here reveals that they vanished..... and nobody (nor celts or kurghs nor indianeuropoids or seafaring farmers) was able to re-shape or change our genetic packet here

this was pointed out many years ago by scholars like Carlo Cattaneo and Carleton S. Coon .....exactly as now genes (and only genes) proves it

please note that
genetic distance is never measured by kilometers or statute miles (to stroll through steppes could be an antropological exercise but is never a genetic job) because "genetic" stand for mutations not migrations (of course) and is kindly measured by single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) and genes or alleles (and so on) but only through the natural selection sieve and mendelian law flows and.....
at last only trough

( Territory )

in various maps and diagrams by prof. Cavalli-Sforza and Brian Sykes (with many other scholars) you see clearly our hinterland where (for instance) an allele typical within our genetic packet stops its presence toward all adiacent populations (or viceversa) where in maps of languages and gazetteers or tables of surnames you will see this same "genetic" hinterland measured on the ground

this is the land where our mendelian population live on earth and is called ancestral territory because all ancestors of our mendelian population (so the aboriginals or indigenous peoples) think to be on it since the origins of it.....

and note that our ancestors think that as we think of it now

please note: since the origins of that territory and not since origins of whatsoever population.....

.....because nobody could came onto our land and next (after one or two thousand years) claims to have our land

when the human genomic diversity project was launched in 1991 by a group of prominent researchers (among them prof. Cavalli-Sforza and Mary-Claire King) the goal was to preserve the DNA of indigenous peoples (not the void shadows of melting-pot) and next in "The History and Geography of Human Genes" authors point out that "only genes have the degree of permanence necessary" to track 100.000 years of human evolution

by this manner they urged all indigenous peoples (aboriginals) to catalogue itself and resist extinction

our land is the same land ever described in those reconnaissances the ancient scouts and centurions reported to senators in Rome (or Athens and Sparta) and so this land forever.....
is our ancestral

( People )

we suggest you to join here your Family Clan and testing next jointly with people that holds your surname tracking your most recent common ancestor (MRCA) when possible

the database will have open access after screening at least 99 peoples each surname (each surmane connected but ever free from other surnames) or after two bulk screening in a surname (at least) according proposals to the steering committee for your surname

all links will be provided here but (at first) all works within this Archive will be organized through our mail box at gmail.com (read complete email string here under) please use it

meanwhile will be described some typical surnames to help you plan a simple personal genetic test or sequencing your entire genome and tracks your surname (your family complex) here:

(A1) Alpine hinterland
Reto-Rumantsch (sursilvan, sutsilvan, surmiran) Ladini (grigiun, lumbard, venetic, dolomitic, furlan) Lepontini (and some other montagnards on the leftside of Rhein river) and spanning from the Rhone to Danube rivers;

(A2) Altaitalia hinterland
Liguri (from the left of Rhone river to Lunigiana, to Piedmont, to Aemilia, and Romagna, and the Montefeltro) Veneti, Furlani, Histri, Giuliani and Dalmati and Lumbard, from the Monterosa range to Drava river and all the Quarnero islands down the Po valley;

our hinterland therefore is measured by various (typical) haplotypes into our AAH modal range and.....

you can join us even if you are now overseas (somewhere in the world) but do not mind what is your haplogroup: because if your family departed from here.....
now you are our


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