i chose the name alex because, for as long as i can remember it has been  my favorite name....for a male or a female, but expecially for a female. i've always liked boys names for girls. like, cory, andy, joe....you get the picture. and atelier means workshop in french.....like a live in studio. often starving artists live in this type of abode. it suits me because i consider myself to be an artist......and i'm always broke.

i was born in august of 1970 in one of the larger cities in iowa. i grew up in the same city in the same house my entire life. i had a wonderful, storybook childhood....(i know, not what you usually hear from an artist - but it gets more interesting, trust me). up until about age 22, my life wasn't really exciting, in fact, i can't really think of anything monumental that happened to me that i can write about...i even had the typical "highschool sweetheart" to add to my bliss, however, my life really began to take shape when i moved from my safe little sanctuary up to the twin cities. this was in november of 1992. my life since then has been one big roller coaster. not always quite so happy a the first 22 years of my life, but i still wouldn't change a thing.

i moved here for a job, by myself, knowing no one. i guess i would say that's one of the accomplishments i'm proudest of. i was miserable here for the first 6 months, but i stuck it out and i'll always be grateful that somehow i found the strength not to give up. the job didn't work out but ultimately i think it was a good thing, because it forced me to get a waitressing job where i met a slew of really great people. almost none of which are still in my life today, but they were an important part of my past, never-the-less.

this was about the time i met indie. she had a house, and was looking for someone to rent a room to help out with the expenses. i answered her classified ad and we hit it off incredibly well. she is now my closest female friend and i believe always will be.

i went through a lot of roommates and a lot of jobs for the next few years. (at one point, we had 7 people crammed into a two bedroom apartment). i got married, and then divorced two years later. during that time i went back to school to become a graphic designer and it was probably my second proudest accomplishment. that brings me to now....(realize that's the condensed version, but i'm sure lots of bits and pieces will come out in entries to come).

i am currently involved with paul - we're getting married in september of 2000.... we work together and do the exact same job. i work at an advertising agency in minneapolis. it's a wonderful place to work. i got the job immediately after i graduated and am still in awe of my incredible luck. i really enjoy my  job, and i met my soulmate here. it's kind of like destiny. (i know - puke.....)

i seem to have some kind of need for drama in my life....because everything will be going along just fine, and i'll almost always get depressed....for no reason. writing seems to alliviate this feeling...somewhat. i'm a leo and i also seem to need to be the center of attention at times (a lot of the time, actually) so creating a journal that strangers can read, seemed to be the perfect solution to me.

i'll let you know...........................................................................

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