tomato nation: more like pieces of writing and stories, rather than a journal. very entertaining and highly recommended.
zippercheck: my best buddy, sam's bagger site - everything you ever wanted to know about self contained bike riding.
there she goes: clean design, simple writing - something about this girl reminds me of myself.... unfortunately, michelle is phasing this journal out - but check out her archives, good reading.
polygloss: used to be called sleepwalker -  the first page i got hooked on reading. the writer, molly zero, describes her page as letters rather than a journal.
squishy: fresh, funny, super entertaining writing, awesome forums that are very active..... i'm totally jealous of this page.
jellyfish absolution:  funny, unique, beautiful... and there's lots of other interesting stuff to do on this page too.
chillyday: this site is full of beautiful photography, music, 32-bit icons and artwork. this man is from japan, and incredibly talanted... it just gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling to be there.
reflect.com: i spend 4 solid hours at this site when i first found it. it customizes the look of the page to suite your tastes, it developes hair, skin and cosmetics to suit your individuality. it even allows you to invent your very own fragrance that no-one else will ever have based on questions that you answer. i just love customized stuff (and it remembers everything you make in their database). the prices are reasonable, the shipping is FREE (ya gotta love that!) - i could go on and on, but you'll just have to see for yourself.
get rid of junk mail: i spend some time researching the web about how to get rid of all the junk mail i receive every day. this is what i found out.
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