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paul... closest thing to my perfect soul mate that i've ever encountered. my lover, best friend, future husband and father of my children.

mary... a girl at work whom i've developed a friendship with. a competetive dancer with a boyfriend in oregon. my main goal with her right now is to prevent her from moving there.

indie... my closest girlfriend whom i see much too little of, but love like a sister. a bit of a flake, and considerably vain, but who am i to talk.

sam... my closest male friend whom i've known for over 10 years. unfortunately, he lives in iowa. a guy who gives a lot of himself to those who are fortunate enough to have earned his respect.

dan... my super-awesome older brother. a really interesting and brilliant guy with a bit of a drinking problem. lives in new jersey and i don't get to see him or his family nearly enough.

nikki... my oldest friend (meaning longest). she drives me up a wall more regularly than anyone i know, mostly because of the poor decisions she continues to make.

tyrone... indie's recovering alcoholic boyfriend. i'm very impressed with all he's accomplished to keep their relationship together.

rhonda... my brother's wife. a pretty cool chick - except for the fact that she's a chain smoker - likes to debate with my brother about just about anything.

mandy... my brilliant, beautiful, awesome niece - no i'm not biased!

joe... a real technical genius who's secretly in love with mary. he knows a little bit about everything.... weights somewhere in the ballpark of 4 bills and has the jolliest laugh you've ever heard.

cory... an old friend that has moved far away. she lives in cleveland with a football player that plays for the browns. a girl whom i befriended when she was just a lowly waitress like me.

randy... my ex-husband. a man i prefer not to talk to, but will probably talk about from time to time.

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