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A Brief Introduction

This webpage was designed from scratch by Alex Bui.

For this assignment I have decided to make the HTML/CSS cheat sheet alongside the CSS and Personal Blog. As a bonus I have decided to implement a before and after slider for the cheat sheets that you can experiment with below.

For more details on my development process feel free to read the blog.

Thank you for visiting the Geocities version of this page! I will have no way of knowing that you've seen this but I hope it brings a smile to your face.


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Tag Description Example
"&"lt; Less than entity. Remove the " " and it creates the < symbol without triggering the code. <
"&"gt; Less than entity. Remove the " " and it creates the > symbol without triggering the code. >
<h1> to <h6> Heading tag. 1 for largest and 6 for smallest.

Heading 4

<p> Paragraph tag. Used for regular text.


<b> Bolds text. Bold
<i> Italicizes the text. Italic
<hr> Creates a horizontal line.
<a> Creates a hyperlink Dead Link
<sup> Converts text into superscript. This is SUPERSCRIPT
<sub> Converts text into subscript. This is SUBSCRIPT


Tag Description Example
transform Transform lets you rotate, scale, skew, or translate an element Rotated Text
:hover Adds hover effects to an element. Hover over me!
border Creates a border. Filler Text
border-radius Rounds the border based on a certain percentage. Filler Text
text-align Aligns the text where you want it to. Right
text-shadow Adds a drop shadow to the text Shadow
cursor Changes the cursor depending on where it is. Hover over me!
opacity Changes the opacity of an element. Opacity at 0.8
background Changes the background. Filler Text
background-color Changes the color of the background. Filler Text