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Chinese Democracy ou Chinese Documentary?
Nem o nome ainda � conhecido!!!!

"Imagine Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti remixed by Beck and Trent Reznor, and you'll have some sense of Axl's new sound."

Title Chinese Democracy, Other rumored titles were 2000 Intentions and Cockroach Soup.
Release Date It's been confirmed!. This album is gonna be released in June, 2001.
Tracklist* - Oh My God (Huge/Reed/Rose): It's featured in the soundtrack of the "End Of Days" movie. Guitar parts were done by Paul "Huge" Tobias, Gary Sunshine, Dave Navarro and Robin Finck. Stuart White made the additional programming. This track was produced by Sean Beavan and Axl Rose. [click for lyrics]
- Oklahoma: Inspired by a court date with ex-wife Erin Everly. ''I was sitting in my litigation with my ex-wife, and it was the day after the bombing,'' Rose remembers with a wince. ''We had a break, and I'm sitting with my attorneys with a sort of smile on my face, more like a nervous thing - it was like, 'Forgive me, people, I'm having trouble taking this seriously.' It's just ironic that we're sitting there and this person is spewing all kinds of things and 168 people just got killed. And this person I'm sitting there with, she don't care. Obliterating me is their goal.''
- Chinese Democracy: According to journalist David Wild this song is "almost grungey...". Performed live for the first time on January 1st, 2001 in the HOB, Las Vegas. [click for lyrics]
- This I Love: According to some rumours this song would be the answer to the "Guns N' Roses Trilogy" (Don't Cry - November Rain - Estranged).
- Prostitute: (working title, mentioned in Spin Magazine)
- Cock-a-roach Soup
- Suckerpunched
- No Love Remains
- Friend or Foe
- Zip It
- Something Always
- Hearts Get Killed
- Closing In On You
- Strange Disease
- The Blues: Performed live for the first time on January 1st, 2001 in the HOB, Las Vegas. [click for lyrics]
- This Life
- Catcher In The Rye
- I.R.S
- TWAT (There Was a Time)
- Never Had It
- Today, Tomorrow, Forever
- Rhyad & The Bedouins
: Performed live for the first time on January 1st, 2001 in the HOB, Las Vegas. [click for lyrics]
- Silkworms
: Performed live for the first time on January 1st, 2001 in the HOB, Las Vegas. [click for lyrics]
- Madagascar
: Performed live for the first time on January 15th, 2001 in Rock In R�o 3, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. [click for lyrics]

*Remember this are only rumored tracks, no track has been confirmed yet.

Band Line-Up Axl Rose: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Programing.
Dizzy Reed: Keyboards and Programming.
Paul "Huge" Tobias: Rhythm Guitar.
Tommy Stinson: Bass.
Robin Finck: Lead Guitar. Rejoined Nine Inch Nails for "The Fragile Tour". And will be coming back to Guns N' Roses for Rock in R�o.
Josh Freese*: Drums. He has left after ending his two year contract, and apparently he no longer wills to remain available for the new Guns N' Roses.
Buckethead: Lead Guitar. Plays guitar in "Oh My God". He has been spending time working with Axl on material together and he's involved in the recording process for the upcoming album, and will be in the Rock in R�o concert.
Chris Pittman: Keyboards and Programming.
Brain: Former drummer for Primus. He's the new drummer for Guns N' Roses.

*quit after ending 2-year contract

Band Guests Brian May: Played guitar on Queen. He spent some time recording with Axl late last year. According to May's spokeman "They recorded several songs worth of material, but we have no idea what's going to end up on the end product."
Dave Navarro: Played on Jane's Addiction, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers among others. He recorded the guitar solo of "Oh My God".
Shaquille O'Neal: NBA player and Rapper. At one point in April 1997, Shaq took a brake from his own recording session in the same building and rapped over some Guns music. "I saw Guns N' Roses listed in the bulletin board in the lobby of the studio so i stuck in to check out," he said. "They asked me to join them, so I started freestylin' over their track. it was the first time I ever performed with a rock group, and it felt good."
Gary Sunshine: Axl's guitar teacher. Plays guitar in "Oh My God".
Stevie Salas: Played with Rod Stewart among others. He jammed old tunes with the new Guns N' Roses line-up at a recording studio in Los Angeles.
Producers Sean Beavan (he has produced Nine Inch Nails and Pantera among others...) and W. Axl Rose. It has also been confirmed that former Queen producer Roy Thomas Baker is currently in the studio with Axl Rose. Baker has only just met the singer, and at this stage, he is only supplying additional production which may or may not make it onto the next album.
Additional Information The Guns have been working in more than 70 new songs. In the Loder Interview he did for MTV last year, Axl said that the record will be about, anywhere from 16 to 18 songs, but that they have recorded at least two albums' worth of material that is solidly recorded.
Current Status According to GNR�s Manager Doug Goldstein Chinese Democracy is done and set for a summer release.
According to O Globo the band agreed to perform at Rock in R�o because it has
finally finished the album.

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