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This is a traditional Chinese card game.  The game supports both Chinese and English.  Two skill-levels are provided.





An extensive on-line game rule is available for easy reference.  Besides, a detailed score calculation and an assistant is also built under normal skill-level to help the new players.  This game supports greyscale and color device.



The game of wisdom is prevailing among the older generation of Chinese community.  To prevent the game fading out as times goes by, the author has decided to write this game to introduce it to the friends from other countries.  It is quite chanllenging!  Donˇt think that 32 cards are simple and straightforward.  Sometime you got most of the top cards but you finally lose to the mediocre with much poorer cards.  Most of the people cannot keep up to learn the game because they find it hard to remember the name of the cards and rules, therefore the author has spent a lot of time to add an assistant function to help the new player.  It will remind you the name of the cards and suggest what are the viable options to you.  You can quickly learn and get used to it.  Once you do, you will enjoy it very much.


The aritifical intelligent built under the expert mode is above humanˇs average skill level.  This game can keep you playing and enjoy for a very long time before you think the computer AI cannot satisfy your need.  You soon understand why your father or grandfather addicts to it.


The game rules and history were documented both in English and Chinese.  The author has been trying to improve the scope and quality of the content by consolidating the comment and information provided by friends over the world.  If you would like to contribute, please feel free to write to the author.





The current version has been upgraded to 1.3.  The history about bugs fixed and improved functions have been listed at www.palmgear.com.




What are othersˇ comment?




v    The user has granted 4 stars and 5 stars.




v    Recommendation from editor:

¨硂痷琌び陈盢Θ Palm 笴栏蹿い瓣肚参ぱ礟Θ Palm 笴栏ぃ恨琌侣獴临琌穝常赣ㄓ砰穦иρ醇紌Τ絬―毕琵淮肞厩穦や穿いゅの璣ゅτΤ眒︹


v    4 and a half stars has been granted by their editor.




v    Recommendation from editor:

¨Sky9 Palmぱ囱美笴栏 Sky9 ぱ琌Palm蹿い瓣ぱ囱美笴栏琌蹿ゴ祇丁笴栏尺ぱ狟ね岿筁硂蹿い瓣ぱ囱美笴栏翅






Originally, this game is designed to distribute as freeware.  The intention of the author about writing this game is to uphold the Chinese culture.


A nominal registration fee of US$ 6.99 is chargeable on a cost recovery basis.  The registration can be processed via www.palmgear.com.




Why Register this Game?


You are allowed to distribute the game to your friend and enjoy the core features of the game without registration.  For those registered users, you will get a key to unlock the introduction screen and get an exclusive from the author directly.  The exclusive version contains some additional features as follows:


        Information will be saved when you exit the game, i.e. your unfinished game will be preserved if you accidentally hit the home button or after switching to other applications

        The opponentˇs name can be changed to your family membersˇ and friendsˇ

        The explanation of the score calculation screen will be further enhanced.  If you still cannot follow the rule and do not know why a specific number exists, just tap on it and the corresponding comment will pop-up.


For registered users, please press here for instructions.




Minimum Requirement


        Palm OS3.1

        Big-5 Coding (for reading Chinese characters, not required for English mode)




Download Here



It is version 1.3 to be downloaded via PalmGear




Contact Author:   Alan Chan





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