Welcome to Cross My Heart: A Shrine to the blonde bishounen, Aki Mikage of Ayashi No Ceres. I'm an ANC crazed girl named Tara who loves Aki. XD! There are hardly any Aki sites out there, so I decided to just make a whole darn site just for him! What every Aki fan-girl desires! Everything Aki. Most of the time I see Aki shrines, but either the sites down or there's nothin' there! So I decided for all you Aki-people to make a site that'll strive and grow! xB So have fun!
Any broken links, non-working pictures? Let me know!
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Disclaimer: Aki Mikage is (c) Yuu Watase, even though I wouldn't mind having that little piece of.. :: cough :: So yeah. All art here, besides fanart, are copyrighted by Yuu Watase. ^_^ Do not rip off any fan-made things from this site, but you may use scans from artbooks and screenshots on your site, as long as somewhere you credit this site with it. I work hard doing this. XD Other than that, enjoy the site!
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