How It Works?

free plan *Brazil Only*: 1. Baixe o aplicativo "Kwai" no seu celular 2. Após instalar crie uma conta 3. Clique na moeda dourada com um "K" 4. Vai haver um local para colocar um código 5. Insira o código: Kwai605498199 6. Contate-nos clicando no botão "Contact Us" 7. aproveite!

paid plans: You just have to buy the product, we will automatically send you an email with a login and password for the game once payment is approved

I'm tired of my account, can I return it?: after the purchase is made, the account is only yours, you decide what to do with it, you can return it, donate it, or delete it, but we do not offer a refund

What Am I Buying?: you will be buying an account at the level you chose, not the number of levels. For example, if you have a level 20 account, and purchase the level 50 plan, you will not reach level 70, you will only have a new level 50 account. And if I already bought a level 50 account, but I want to reach level 100, should I buy another level 50 plan, or a level 100 plan?:You have up to 7 days to make the switch. To make the switch you can buy level 50 again and explain this by clicking on the "Contact Us" button. I bought an account but changed my mind, how can I change it?: again, you have up to 7 business days to make the switch. To exchange the product, you must buy it in the "Plans" tab and buy the product you want, and send a message in "Contact Us". You can contact us before or after the exchange.

Paying methods: Payments are made via PayPal, to make the purchase, you can go to the "Plans" tab choose the desired plan and click on "Get a Plan", where you will be redirected to a payment page

The payment was approved, what now?: within 12 hours you will receive an email with login information, which you can change, ensuring that we no longer have access to your account.