Hi and welcome to the Celestial Enlightenment Website!
I am Rachel ~ Guardian of Enlightenment.


Celestial Enlightenment is the place to be for info about anything and everything on Neopets! Below is a list of links where you can find information! Please feel free to come to me with any Neopets or guild-related questions that you might have, be it on battle tips or making Neopoints! I will do my best to help you, or refer you to someone who can! Links:

Celestial Enlightenment
Making Neopoints In Auctions
Neopoints In The National Neopian Bank
Making Neopoints Through Neopian Freebies
Making Neopoints In Games
Making Neopoints Through Neopian Shops
Making Neopoints In The Trading Post
Battledome Advice
Help Seeking Form
Secret Avatars
Avatar Leader Board

Haven of Dreams
Haven of Dreams Website
Celestial Duties
Celestial Guidance
Celestial Realm
Employee List
Employee Tally

Guild Websites
Guild Front
Guild Website
AFS Test Guild
Haven of Dreams
Haven of Mercy
Haven of Faith
Haven of Love
Haven of Wishes


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