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" XCeval " e-mail network

The listserver for Evaluators in Developing Countries

XCeval is an e-mail based communications network for evaluation and research people in developing countries.  Over 450 evaluators in about 60 countries participate in our discussions.  Our message load is not heavy, usually only one or two each week, but we do cover some important issues.  Many organizations send notices of vacancies for staff and consultants to this network.  These are welcome.


To join XCeval, send the message “Subscribe <firstname lastname>” to:  [email protected]

Sending a message

To communicate with the people on the list, send a regular email message to [email protected]   (Please note that we dropped the hyphen between XC and eval.) 


To unsubscribe to XCeval, send a request to

Technical support

Please send a message describing any problems

Hosts of the network

This network is co-hosted by Craig Russon and myself. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Mahesh Patel

[email protected]


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