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Anne Frank's Diary: Third Diary

120 pages, 240 sides, or, since 37 page sides were used for Cady's Life, not the diary, 102 pages, 203 page sides.
Dates: 22 Dec 1943 to 17 April 1944. Now her entries are usually in cursive and run 3- 3.5 pages each. All entries in this diary were consecutive.

This was an exercise book. Hard black cover and black binding, the pages were lined and were sized about 16.4cm X 20.7cm (6.46" X 8.15").


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Page Note
[illustration of third diary]
Diary of Anne Frank/from 12 December 1943 to 17 April 1944/"Secret Annexe"/A'dam C./In part letters to "Kitty."

1 22 Dec 1943 (first entry)
4 24 Dec 1943 (CE p. 145 has photo of this page)

7 27 Dec 1944: pasted in Christmas package decorations from her first Christmas celebration, (CE p. 434 has photo of them)

15 6 Jan 1944: pasted sheet in to expand the space to write in, making pages 15a and 15b. The somewhat famous girl-girl entry (Venus, Jacques). On the added sheet she writes of how she's not in love with Peter, just talks to him.
28-9 15 and 19 Jan 1944 (CE p. 146 has photo of these pages)

50-1 8 Feb 1944: at the family's request, Anne's "representation of her parents' marriage" are omitted. (Approximately 2.5 pages.) I assume that re-writes of these may be among the excerpts revealed in 1998. See also the note on page 482 of The Critical Edition.
126 20 March 1944: briefly continued here, after p. 123, skipping a sheet, then crossing out what she had started and continuing her entry on page 124 as usual.
130-1 20 and 22 March 1944 (CE p. 147 has photo of these pages)
138 23 March 1944: after being confronted by Peter (who had thought they'd had a joke on him), she writes about it. Upset, she signs "Mary Anne Frank" (her middle name was Marie). (CE p. 560 has photo of this page.)

140 24 March 1944: after this page, she skipped a sheet, continuing on page 143.
141 24 March 1944: It appears that she put a note to tell the reader to go to the next sheet first. She continues writing on this page after filling page 143.
142 Just puts a dash here.
143 (Continued from page 140, then continues on back to p. 141.)
144 (Continues from page 141.)
191 11 April 1944: pasted in note about the 9 April break in. This is in pencil and not in Anne's handwriting. It outlines what to be sure to tell Kleiman in a (risky) phone call.
203 17 April 1944 (last page of third diary)
37 pages were used for Cady's Life. I don't know if Cady's Life was located at the end. I only illustrated it that way.
(The question mark is only because it is possible that some pages were torn out for non-diary use.)


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