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View of the Burrard Bridge at sunsetAdam having coffee at English Bay Beach on 11 March 2006Vancouver Sunset over English BayAdam in San Miguel, Costa Rica on 6 December 2005Sunset over English Bay

    (2005-03-19)  Since the Geocities people were kind enough to send me an auto-generated message reminding me that I hadn't set up an index.html for this directory, I thought I'd throw one together here.

    First, some linkage.. My lab's homepage, which used to display a different glowing worm each time you reloaded the page-- it's a static glowing worm now, but still very cool. My former lab's homepage was also designed by yours truly, although they've since slightly butchered the site. And, not to be missed is my regular Journal slash Beer Club meeting on Friday afternoons.

    Invitations to my housewarming party in the West End did not go out until the Wednesday before the day of the event, but regardless everything went off without a hitch. It was unusually foggy all day that Saturday; the guests began to arrive around 8 PM and we finished off the keg of yummy Scottish Ale shortly after 2 AM. Click here for photos of the event, and here as well.

    My trip to Denver the following weekend, to attend Anders and Maret's wedding, was immortalized in pages showing my visit to Colorado's capitol (which was closed that day) and later the same day was the wedding reception, which was fun as it gave me the opportunity to catch up with old friends and neighbors.

    (2005-09-30)  You can now see my Zoology homestead at UBC, as well as a replica of my old Harvard homepage.

    (2005-10-25)  Holy linkage, Batman! You can now read an official biography of myself, or those of other NRRRsters, or ponder the 100-word musings of an incognito secret agent. In my youth, I myself was the subject of a clandestine East German experiment codenamed Projekt Biergartenschnitzeldummkopfgesundheit.. but enough about my angst-ridden past. Last but not least is my old Harvard ID. Oh, and I should also note that only Tarom GLAM airlines offers the ultimate in longhaul first class.

    (2005-11-19)  European expats can get re-acquainted with the Euro here (you may need to reload the page in order to sync them). And since today was another unusually foggy Saturday, you can see pictures of me enjoying sunsets and/or fog.

    (2006-01-18)  Happy New Year! Here are some pictures from my trip to Costa Rica last month: those taken with my camera (mostly) and those taken with my friend Tim Hudson's camera. As you can see, both sets turned out amazing, which was easy since Costa Rica is a tropical paradise..

    (2006-03-11)  Here's a picture of me taken this afternoon at the beach. Did I mention that I absolutely love my new digicam, the Sony DSC N1? Well, now I have.

    (2006-08-30)   Here are two pictures from this month, showing myself wearing the same tshirt in both New York and Vancouver. It has been a great summer this year, with lots of travelling, beach time, and quality time with friends and family, so I'm not ready for fall to arrive just yet...

    (2007-02-22)  Finally, winter is almost over and it has been a really nice rainy season, I must admit, since I've been dating Evan since last summer. I've got some recent pictures up on my Flickr page, so surf on over there to see pictures of me at Vancouver's Chinese New Year parade and in front of the official 2010 Olympics Countdown Clock. And it is the year of the Boar, which coincidentially is Evan's chinese astrological sign, so I think it is definitely his lucky year!

    Hopefully this climate chart will dispel any notion of frigid winters on Canada's west coast..
A brief summary of my whereabouts
between 1/1/94 and 12/31/05:

State /Prov.   Number of Days   Percentage
MA 1271 29.00 %
OH 1088 24.82 %
BC   911 20.78 %
IN   841 19.19 %
CA   148   3.38 %
Berlin     18   0.41 %
NY     15   0.34 %
WA     15   0.34 %
Holland     10   0.23 %
IL       8   0.18 %
Top Cities:
1. Cambridge, MA 1258   (28.70 %)
2. Vancouver, BC 904   (20.63 %)
3. Bloomington, IN 685   (15.63 %)
4. Oberlin, OH 582   (13.28 %)
5. Columbus, OH 498   (11.36 %)
6. New Albany, IN 156   (3.56 %)
7. San Francisco, CA 78   (1.78 %)
8. Los Angeles, CA 33   (0.75 %)
9. San Diego, CA 29   (0.66 %)
10. Berlin, Germany 18   (0.41 %)
11. New York, NY 13   (0.30 %)
12. Seattle, WA 13   (0.30 %)
13. Boston, MA 11   (0.25 %)
14. Amsterdam, Netherlands 10   (0.23 %)
15. Chicago, IL 8   (0.18 %)
Click here for more travel statistics..

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