**NOTE: All fic is Het unless otherwise noted**

Written: 08.2001
Characters: unknown (whoever you want it to be - no named character)
Based on the song Selfish by JC Chasez, Joylon Skinner, Veit Renn: On the album 'Celebrity.

Written: 07.1999
Characters: Mainly AJ, small appearance of Nick
Written in the time frame of one day, using flashbacks.

Written: 09.2002
Characters: Nick, JC
This is two pieces actually, which worked as therapy for me, while rumors, speculation and fact swirl around the future's of both Backstreet and NSync. They're not particularly happy, but they helped me piece together the little bits of information that I know, and gain a new perspective on things.

**in progress**
Written: 12.2000 - ?
Characters: AJ, other BSB appearances
Two people, two different times in their lives. What happens?
Titled from NSync's This I Promise You on the album 'No Strings Attached'

Written: 01.2001- 08.2001
Characters: AJ, minor appearance of Nick
Prequel to Just to See Her by Dawn. Please read that story at some point, either before or after this one, as they do intertwine a lot.
Titled from 3 Doors Down's So I Need You on the album 'The Better Life'

**in progress**
Written: 05.2001- ?
Characters: AJ, Nick
Sequel to Just to See Her. Written with Dawn, the continuing saga of Nick & Kathy, Alexa & AJ.
Titled from BBMak's The Ghost of You and Me on the album 'Sooner or Later'

**in progress**
Written: 05.2002 - ?
Characters: JC, Justin
Nobody likes to be ignored. (**small amount of slash - mostly implied**)

**to be posted**
Written: 03.2002 - ?
Characters: Nick
A collection of short stories based on songs sung by Mariah Carey. Also known as "Daydreams lifted by butterfly wings from a rainbow colored musicbox". Will be posted when all the sections are complete, or when as the chronological parts are completed. If you're interested in what's done so far, email me.

**to be posted**
Written: 05.2002 - ?
Characters: Nick
Read the title, figure it out. :)
Titled from Bonnie Raitt's Something to Talk About on the album 'Luck of the Draw'

**in progress**
Written: 06.2000- ?
Characters: Lance, JC, small but important appearances of the other members of NSync, small appearances by members of BSB
A Backstreet Boys fan's surprise connection to NSync makes her appreciate the differences and uniqueness of the two groups.

Written: 03.1999
Characters: Part 1 - Brian, Part 2 - AJ, Part 3 - Nick, Part 4 - Howie, Part 5 - Kevin
This was to be a series of 6 mini-stories (a mini-series of sorts): One for each member of BSB and then a final one to link them all together. The finale has been a long time in coming though, and may never manage to find completion. The AJ story is the first of the sections that I wrote, however it's not actually the first story in the series. The individual stories can stand alone, so I encourage you to read them, and let me know if you are interested in a finale.

Characters: Brian, Nick, small appearances of Kevin and AJ
This is my first fan-fic, and admittedly it's pretty bad. It was a wish-fulfillment story, of sorts. The ideas were good, but I really didn't know where I was going with the story when I started, and as things changed, I had to change the story with them. It ends up going on forever. Which is very bad. Only read this if you don't mind terribly long, not so character developing stories.

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